No slips-ups in Slovakia

Tonight, Gordon Strachan must get the World Cup qualifying campaign back on track in Slovakia. The draw on Saturday at home to Lithuania hampered Scotland’s qualification chances.

Whether Gordon is still up for the challenge anymore or not doesn’t matter. He is the man charged with getting Scotland to Russia in 2018.

This is the second campaign he has begun after picking up the remnants of a disastrous one from Craig Levein in 2013. If he fails in this quest, I don’t imagine he will stick around for another shot.

Despite my conviction that Strachan was the right choice, he may not have the same desire next time. That may all hinge of course on whether he qualify’s for Russia or not.

He would just have to qualify for Russia though. I think he would need to have a good tournament to convince himself of another, but that’s just my opinion.

The Euro 2016 faltered towards the end after a bright start. This one hasn’t started as well as it could have though there is a long way to go yet.

Right now he has to grab this qualifying campaign by the scruff of the neck and step it up. This is Scotland’s last chance to qualify for a tournament under his charge in my view so he might as well just go for it.

After Strachan I’m not sure who the SFA would be looking at. That is another discussion for another time.

So it is time to put out Scotland’s best combination of players that will get a result. A win in Slovakia would lay to rest that poor result at Hampden, a draw would be better than a loss but that’s it.

I’ll prepare myself for the worst though. Just in case.

Stevie Mac