The Whitewash Factor

Beating your biggest opponent in Scotland has always played a huge part when it comes to winning the league. Against each rival, twelve points are at stake every season and more often than not the results of those games are crucial in the destination of the title.

This season Aberdeen challenged the reigning champions with Celtic only confirmed as this seasons champions just over a week ago when the Dons failed to beat Dundee United. However, Derek McInnes’ inability to overcome Ronny Deila in four attempts this season can be viewed as a key factor in the title destination.

Of course if you’re Kenny Shiels’ granny there’s every chance she’d have done a better job. What are you up to these days anyway, Kenny?

Last season, Derek McInnes faired better by beating Celtic twice. They ousted the Hoops from the Scottish Cup at Celtic Park and ended Neil Lennon’s unbeaten league run at Pittodrie.

In fact, Celtic lost only one game in the league last season. Despite being further off the pace than this season, Aberdeen caused more damage to Celtic than any other SPFL team.

They have already surpassed last seasons points total with two games remaining of the current campaign to go. That deserves some credit, but they failed to take any points off the Champions and that would have made a difference.

When Ronny Deila said that he wanted more from Aberdeen he wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t a swipe at them either, in fact I only saw his comments as encouragement.

Scotland needs the larger clubs to be all that they can be. Nobody wants a one sided league campaign and this season there were signs of improvement.

The greatest factor sorely missing in Scotland is of course money. On the other hand, there is plenty of talent available but it is holding onto it in Scotland with the inability to pay higher wages that means moving on is inevitable unless Celtic are doing the buying.

What Ronny was getting at was an all round improvement. This was not a dig at Aberdeen being good enough, but more of an encouragement to go further.

Negative press around Celtic is of not unusual. So Deila’s recent ‘compliment’ being taken out of context is of no surprise either.

I think we’ve gotten to know Ronny well enough this season to know that speaking ill of an opponent such as Aberdeen holds no water. I look forward to seeing the Don’s step it up next season along with the rest of the SPFL clubs.

For now though, I’m happy with this season’s green and whitewash of Aberdeen. Payback for last season at the very least.

Hail! Hail!



FC Paranoid

Neil Lennon’s retaliation to David Bre…sorry, Kenny Shiels recent dig, provoked a response from the Kilmarnock manager himself. Now Lennon could have played down the original comment but he played it instead.

Shiels, denying any wrongdoing of course, attempted to ‘diffuse’ the matter by criticising Lennon for being too serious. Oh how we laughed at the misunderstanding!

What banter shall we have next then Kenny? Something vile about catholic’s?

Lennon is unlikely to comment further but you never know. Personally, I would leave it though Lennon is a far better speaker than I.

This clichéd “paranoia” jibe stands out as much as Kenny Shiels ears do. The subject is well past its sell by date and as Neil quite rightly said, in recent times Celtic’s challenging of matters has been justified.

For many years there was “no story here, timmy” but that all crumbled with the Jim Farry case. Since then Celtic have had to challenge other matters within the game they felt strongly about within the game, I mean are we supposed to accept everything in football?

This FC Paranoid banter by Shiels is somewhat ironic though. To nickname Celtic for being paranoid, when in fact through evidence the club have been anything but, makes Shiels look like a Killie pie.

It’s quite clearly a case of the “banter” – you know, the one where it suits the offender to says it is? In my opinion Lennon was well within his rights to stop Shiels in his tracks.

Spouting such garbage is clearly moronic though representative of the array of eejits that populate the Scottish game. Kenny Shiels may not be a native of Scotland but he seems to conform to the “banter bandwagon” much like other clubs and personnel do within Scotland.

Hail! Hail!