Defiant Deila, sheepish McInnes.

What negative Celtic headlines will we be reading in the coming days? After a convincing win over Aberdeen on Saturday lunchtime, will the media continue to chip away at Scotland’s best football club and their head coach, Ronny Deila?

I’ve mentioned to quite a few people over the years how the English press lay into their national football team in every way possible. They treat then almost as if they are the enemy and I just don’t get it.

The Scottish press are a similar bunch with one difference. They’re supportive of our national side (unless they are truly are honking!) but they stick the boot in to Celtic at any opportunity so long as it makes a headline – fact or fib.

This is part of the reason why many Celtic fans, including myself, despise the sporting media in Scotland. The other part stems from the protection and promotion of our deceased rivals across the city.

The Scottish media’s failure to report the truth about their demise was every bit as blatant as the decisions they received over the years from referees and the SFA’s agenda. Officials and the media are of course two totally different areas of the game though populated by people with similar leanings.

If you dare to report the truth about the dark side or even utter anything factually correct, they’ll take it as far as it needs to. Just ask former BBC journalist Jim Spence, the most recent victim of abuse from the tribute act.

However, I digress. The point is even now with our old rivals long gone, their phoenix club potentially meeting a similar fate, and rivals Aberdeen fading faster than Derek McInnes’s tan in December, Celtic remain the media target.

It doesn’t matter whether they are having a good season or not. The media will do everything and enlist anyone to push Celtic’s buttons.

David Tanner and Andy Walker were at it yesterday during the Sky Sports coverage apparently. I didn’t see the game live but Ronny “losing the plot” and “being lucky” were being banded about on Twitter.

Gordon Strachan did not jump on their bandwagon though. For a guy who played for Aberdeen, did a great job for Celtic and still never won over all the Celtic support fans, he’s never ever stuck the boot in on Celtic like some ex-Celts have.

When he resigned a rather large portion of fans were happy to see him go and his replacement, Tony Mowbray, walk in. And we all know how that turned out.

So let’s see how our media handle Celtic this week particularly with a home tie against Molde in the Europa League on Thursday. Criticism has been rife this season and not without good reason but I sense Celtic have unity among the ranks even if some fans have lost faith.

Aberdeen have slipped into third. Hearts are the new title challengers and we disposed of them in the League Cup last Wednesday.

Celtic are still the best team in Scotland by far. It’s a shame they aren’t given the credit they deserve particularly when they have earned it.

Top of the league. Mind the gap.

The only footage I’ve seen of the Aberdeen match so far contained the Leigh Griffiths header and James Forrest goal which were both sublime in the build up and the finish. I also caught the tackle by Graham Shinnie on Nir Bitton which was horrendous.

That was a red card in my opinion and in Europe he wouldn’t have been so lucky, not that Aberdeen know what Europe is like these days. I’ve seen players sent off for less and any attention Shinnie received from the Celtic players throughout the match was most definitely warranted.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

Dons hungrier than Celts

Aberdeen hosted Celtic on Saturday lunchtime hoping to do what they failed to do on four encounters last season by winning. They finally achieved that and did so with one less player as well.

The first half had a sense of an old school battle with both teams creating chances either end. It was Celtic who would go in at the interval 1-0 up though courtesy of a Leigh Griffiths penalty.

After the break it was a different game. More scrappy and a little more edgy.

Aberdeen levelled from the penalty spot after Dedryck Boyata was judged to have fouled Graeme Shinnie.

I actually thought it was a harsh decision. Boyata has been culpable this season on more than one occasion and I’ve been critical of those errors but this is one I think the ref got wrong.

Then the game took another turn when Jonny Hayes was sent off for a challenge on Mikael Lustig. I personally felt it was a harsh red by Craig Thomson but he was swift with the card.

There was a mixed response from the Celtic support on this. If it had been the other way around I have no doubts that Hoops fans would have been livid to see one of their own players walk for that.

From that stage Celtic should have used some killer instinct but they did not. There were chances for Celtic but it didn’t look like they had a one man advantage.

As it was, Aberdeen would have the final say in this match. Former Celt, Niall McGinn floated a ball into the box and was slid home by Paul Quinn from close range.

You can argue that Gordon should have come for it. You could also argue that a Celtic defender should have got a head on it.

It doesn’t matter though. Celtic had a one man advantage for over 20 minutes.

They failed to use that and put Derek McInnes’s team to bed. Now, the Deila haters are out in full flow.

As I said in my last blog, I’ve been away for the last few weeks and only seen one live match. The rest has been highlights and match reports.

Throughout the game and in the aftermath of the defeat it appears a section of the Celtic supporter have had enough of Ronny Deila and his coaching team. What percentage of fans that amounts to I have no idea but I’m not jumping on that bandwagon right now.

I leant my support to Ronny Deila last season and was pleased to see him turn things around. He managed to silence his critics in the media, ex-players and sections of the support.

With the exit from the Champions League still a raw wound, it is easy to see why this kind of result is gets such a negative reaction. Ronny Deila and his coaching staff are under scrutiny but I’ll say once more though that I am not getting on that bandwagon, not in September anyway.

The forum I frequent from time to time was bulging with bed-wetter’s. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen this degree of backlash in tyenface of defeat and it won’t be the last.

Aberdeen deserved their win on Saturday because they were hungrier for it. It’s bad news for Celtic but we move on.

I’m not going to talk about the positives and negatives. It seems too many have made their minds up already.

We can talk all day about team selection, tactics and zonal marking but Ronny Deila isn’t the first manager to make poor decisions. All of his predecessors did so to.

Unless things are going horrifically wrong, I’ll judge a manager over a season. You would think the season is over already.

I won’t deny there are issues that need to be addressed but let’s sort that out as we move forward. To oust Deila and co at this stage is absurd.

For those of you calling for the managers head, go dry your eyes. I might have been away for three weeks but for crying out loud it’s mid-September.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac