I was born and raised in Glasgow’s east end. I now live on the south coast of England where my passion for Celtic remains a collective spirit with my family and friends.

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  1. Just wondering do u get up to many games as the crowds are around app 35000/ 40000 most home and bus has now taking around 40members and all season ticket holders to all home games there is enuf people having a go Real Celtic fans. Take the good with bad as I have followed Celtic for 60 yrs and that will never change HH🍀🍀


  2. I’m 50/50 on the management team right now. Some might say it’s the media that’s putting down the poison.and I have got to agree with that.

    Can Ronny and his team hold out and win the double? We are still odds on favourites for that.

    Then what? – I think I would give him another go at Europe. Don’t know about Kennedy and Collins though.

    Should Ronny be given the option of picking one or two of his own men?

    Maybe we should ask Kris Commons for his views come the end of season.


  3. Hi mate, it’s Liam McCoy from Glasgow. I was just wondering whether or not you might be looking to part with your blog as i’m on the lookout for Celtic blog to partner with my personal blog. Please if you’re interest, write me back. Thanks


  4. Entirely endorse your sentiments. GB has scored a Celtic o.g., the last thing we need right now.
    The person who does the banners (same old printing) has a history of embarrassing the Celtic support. Had they not thought their protest through? As usual the GB look self obsessed, and full of their own importance.
    I acknowledge their right to voice an opinion, but they act as if they are self-appointed spokespeople of the club, seemingly forgetting that they probably number less than 0.1 percent of the support.


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