70 days of Communication Lockdown

It has been 70 days since Neil Lennon walked out of Celtic Football Club for the second time as manager. This time it was overdue and too late for the team to salvage anything, but is the silence from the club further eroding what little is left of their relationship with fans?

In a time when protest and public opinion is high, Celtic would do well to keep fans on board as much as possible. I found it somewhat ironic that the club chose to take part in the social media blackout recently – they’ve practically been doing this all season to our fans.

The current season has been our worst since 2009-2010. In fact, it has probably been worse.

We await a new manager and the current state of play is that Eddie Howe is in process to be that man. Of course, nothing has been made official – just a few snippets of unconfirmed rumour that the former Bournemouth manager has “agreed in principle” to take the job even though he is not undertaking any work until “the summer.”

Now for many fans, this uncertainty is beginning to take its toll. Patience is wearing thin, frustration is setting in and there is a reminder with every remaining game just how poor a side we have become.

The lack of communication from the club, even just to bring everyone back on side would be both positive and good PR. The silence is deafening and even if you maintain the mindset that this is 99.9% going to happen, the club choose not to communicate with those who have invested in the club this season through merchandise and season tickets, the latter of which gave households the same TV access as those with multiple season tickets.

We already know that Dominic McKay has entered the building. We already know that Eddie Howe appears to be all but confirmed.

The message out of Celtic Park has amounted to very little though. I understand that you can’t announce anything until it is confirmed, but a message to advise fans that recruitment is a matter of high importance or that they are close to making an announcement (anything really) would put minds at rest.

It isn’t much to ask, particularly when season ticket renewals await any action. There is still plenty of time of course for fans to renew, but given the length of time it has been since Lennon left the building and team has further collapsed with the exit of the club’s last chance of silverware, everyone is at an all time low.

We may be very close to an announcement and that may only be a week or two away. The fans need a lift though and they need it now.

Birthdays of past Celtic players isn’t enough, Celtic. Even our former captain’s family had to nudge you to praise our current captain.

Let’s stop messing about Celtic and open up a channel. We need out club back so don’t shut us out.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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