Delusions of January

As a blogger, I have run out of things to say about Celtic Football Club. Most of them have already been said over and over by me or someone else.

Whilst we have all had our own moments when things reached rock bottom, the time for change has already expired. With nothing left to play for other than second spot and a Champions League spot, which has its own level of importance for next season, the coaching and playing staff continue to falter.

It’s beyond comedic. The club are now self harming.

Earlier in the week, the club announced Peter Lawwell would retire at the end of the season, something that has been rumoured all season. He will be succeeded by Dominic McKay from Scottish Rugby Union.

Many fans had hoped that announcement would be followed by confirmation of Neil Lennon’s departure now or at the end of the season. It was more likely to be the latter and whilst we still await the outcome of the January review (today is the last day of the month) we lost another game yesterday to St Mirren.

Whilst this may be the only team to beat the Ibrox club this season, it was the first time the Buddies had beaten Celtic at home in over 30 years. And even though I expected Lennon to see out this season, this result was almost certainly a good reason to offload him now as we are now gambling with second place in the league.

This has been an embarrassing season from start to present. If this circus is still allowed to continue then it will go on until the end of the season and may end up finishing third or fourth.

I don’t know if Lennon has lost the dressing room but he has certainly lost the fight. If he was a boxer in the ring, you are merely waiting for the knockdown blow or the referee to call the fight.

If Steven Gerrard is the other boxer then the Celtic board is the referee. Someone needs to end this.

Prior to now I was concerned about who would be able to step in at short notice and help us finish second. Surely the rest of the coaching staff are as culpable?

With things going from bad to worse, you would think that everyone in the coaching team have thrown in their tuppence worth to try and get us out of this shit show that has been going on since the summer? Based on that, this coaching team is no longer capable of steadying the ship.

Unless someone was available outside the club – and I don’t think we have a permanent replacement lined up right now – then it would fall to the guys we saw during the post Dubai isolation. Tommy McIntyre and Stephen McManus stepped in to assist Gavin Strachan, but other than that they have had no first team involvement so I would not be surprised that they would be tasked with the remaining games of the season.

Surely it can’t be any worse on our current January form? P6 W1 D3 L2 is the sum of the January review.

What troubles me most is that in today’s Sunday Mail, Lennon was quoted as planning for next season. If there is even a shred of truth in that at all then it will have a severe impact on season ticket sales.

If there is zero truth in that then Neil Lennon is well and truly delusional. He threw the players under the bus once again yesterday, as he has done since last summer.

I think I can recall only once during this entire campaign when he put his hands up and said it was on him. As the manager, you have to take full responsibility.

If as he said earlier in the season that certain players no longer wanted to play for him or the club then he should have got rid. You certainly don’t come out in public without taking action – it makes you look weak.

Even though I’ve never though I’ve never considered him to be a weak person, I think that declaration last summer was a defining moment. It was the end of Lennon and the end of this campaign.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new month. We await a response from the club.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac