Statement of intent

The Celtic board of directors released a statement last night which outlines their position on recent matterd. I took this pretty much as a “once and for all” moment.

“In light of the ongoing speculation regarding the position of our football manager, Neil Lennon, the Board of Celtic Football Club wishes to make clear its continuing support for Neil and his backroom team.  

The Board recognises and understands the importance of winning the league championship this season and that, as Neil himself has made clear, recent performances and results have been disappointing. The Board is committed to delivering success for Celtic supporters.  

The Board has carefully considered the current circumstances and the challenges that we are faced with, not least the pressure on the management and players to deliver the tenth championship in a row that is so important to us all. Equally important is to continue to operate according to our Club’s values. The Board has come to the conclusion that our collective objective is best served by continuing to support Neil and his team as they seek solutions for those challenges. 

Neil has the support of the players and staff at the Club. He understands the pressure and the environment. As his outstanding record as a manager, captain and player demonstrates, he knows what it takes to be successful at Celtic and he has delivered success with many of the current squad of players, who understand his method and approach.  

Whilst it has been suggested that it is time for a change, at this stage in the season the Board believes that Neil and his management team are best placed to turn the team’s performances around and lead us on to success. The Board continues to work closely with Neil and his team to support them as they seek to do so and progress will be reviewed in the new year.

The Board wishes to take this opportunity to thank all Celtic supporters for their support during this challenging year. The response of the support to the challenges that we all face together has been magnificent. It is therefore important to make clear that the Board has never, as it has been inaccurately reported, referred to any Celtic supporter as ‘entitled’.

The Board recognises the range of views expressed by our supporters and the strength of those opinions. Whilst there may not always be agreement, there is certainly a common goal – the success of Celtic Football Club – and we will continue to work together to seek to achieve that success.”

Now you can take that as a “we don’t have a plan B” or you can take that as a “we have the utmost confidence.” I’m not one that generally criticise the board of directors but they are taking an almighty gamble here.

Not just with the football side of things. This is as much about their own credibility as it is anyone elses.

Let’s be brutally honest. Nobody wanted this to happen.

People may or may not like Neil Lennon but up until Covid-19 we were all happy. He rectified the blips of the first half of last season and looked ready to go for this season.

It hasn’t gone to plan though and I’m sure the board are every bit as baffled a we are as to why. One thing is clear though, they don’t have another plan – Lennon is the plan.

He’s always had my full backing, but he can’t get us out of this. There’s been no evidence to suggest things are going through change.

I understand there’s a risk to bringing in a new coach now. That’s also a gamble but right now we’re out of options.

We know Neil would do anything for this club. He’s a fan, a good person and I love him to bits but I see no way out of this.

I want to support him through this but we are actually getting worse. We’ve seen him recover before but even if he does manage to do so again it will probably be too late.

Across the city there is an unbeaten and unchallenged rival. It is deflating and frustrating that a side of our quality now represent one of the worst periods of results in our club’s history.

Right now we’re closer to third spot in the league than we are first. We could well drop into third even with those two games at hand.

It doesn’t matter what we say anymore though. Whatever the results are from now on Neil will still be there.

Someone once said to my wife that “seeing his wife give birth was like watching his favourite pub go up in flames.” As crude and insensitive as that was, it’s kind of how I feel about Celtic right now.

Christmas is said to be a time of miracles. Well by God Celtic need one.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

One thought on “Statement of intent

  1. He knows he can’t turn it round, he has admitted it himself he’s tried everything, he is now beginning to lose all respect due to his arrogance, if celtic means anything to him, he would resign, his achievement of losing 10IAR will go down in history.


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