Time’s up. What’s the plan now?

Yesterday was Neil Lennon’s last chance to turn this season around. Even though it is still mathematically possible to win the league, there is no evidence at Celtic Park or Ibrox that this season is going to deviate from its present course.

The apathy engulfing Celtic Football Club right now is suffocating. For a club to have dominated for so long it is a tragic way for it to end.

All good things must come to an end, they say. Well this 10IAR ship would appear to have sailed.

There’s no spark. No verve.

Sunday was another demonstration of negative body language and a defeated mentality on the park and in the dugout. What surprises me is that when Neil Lennon needs to inject some spirit into the the side, he sticks with the same formula.

Whatever is affecting the players, seems to be affecting him too. There’s no guarantee that the answer to our problems is within our ranks, but when all else fails, fresh ideas.

David Turnbull came off the bench and played with the kind of spirit we’ve been missing all season. What I can’t understand is why we haven’t we seen more of guys like him and Hazard, Klimala, Soro, Welsh, Dembele, Connell, Ralston and Henderson.

Whilst they may not be the long term solution, they have something to prove and could well have broken this chain of inadequacy by signalling to the regulars that they aren’t’ cutting it. Week after week we’ve seen the same failures over and over, so what is there to lose by trying out fringe players when results aren’t going for you anyway?

In all honesty though it looks too late. Lennon and his backroom staff haven’t demonstrated any kind of out of the box thinking and Lennon and Kennedy looked lost in the dugout.

If the loss of fans and atmosphere is a key part to player motivation then the club has failed to deal with what the rest of Scottish football has. Should this be the case then this management team can do no more.

Unfortunately, Neil Lennon doesn’t believe his time is up. The club are sticking by him, but for how much longer is anyone’s guess.

I don’t believe they have a replacement ready to go. They aren’t that proactive or savvy and after all, Lennon was their choice as caretaker and permanent replacement for a second time.

If Lennon stays, the club will continue to lose the fans if they haven’t already. You can’t argue with protesters forever.

At some point you have to admit defeat and draw up a plan to move forward. Should Lennon be shown the door, and that seems to be the only way he’ll exit, then it has to be a fresh start.

Handing the reigns to John Kennedy would not change anything. He’s been in the backroom staff since 2010 and a first team coach since 2014.

His influence on first team matters has grown to the point that even under Neil Lennon, he’s been entrusted to carry on the routines that predate Lennon’s second term. So if Kennedy has something in his locker, I would imagine we’ve already seen it.

Gavin Strachan has only been at the club since June and I don’t know what sort of influence he’s had since his arrival. All I can say is that in that time frame I can’t think of anything significant that’s occurred at the club.

There’s no quick fix here. The club cannot move forward until they know what the problem is and exorcise it.

I feel for Neil Lennon, I really do, but we cannot continue in this vein. The big question is can anyone come in at this stage and turn things around?

Probably not and for that reason, I think the club will not force any changes now. Especially with a Scottish Cup Final only two weeks away.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

2 thoughts on “Time’s up. What’s the plan now?

  1. The apathy comes from the top and filters down. I will bore you all again with Lawwells total narcisssic, inadequate bullying where only sheep who fall in with his masterplan are tolerated. Delia being a prime example and players probably hawked around by agents only wanting to get the best possible price for their second-hand cars. Barkas here by whose insistance? A librarian who jumps around the box like a jack-rabbit, except when a shot comes in and he stands rooted or misses it completely. Not his fault, he did no insist in being bought, but came out with a nice contract thank you that will set his family up afore pishing off back to obscurity to Greece or whoever else is daft or crooked enough to have him. Lenny must go, but if Lawwell had listened to the guy he trusted with the most important job at any club instead of some crooked agent who offers no money back on cars with no engine, we would be better off. But to late now and Lawwell simply must go and a management team with balls appointed. The talent is there, and a young squad with a knowledgeable coach who can organise a defence and is allowed to get in a couple more to the squad, bring on the youngsters, all would be well. But I have that sneaky feeling Lenny will be here till the 10 is out of reach. The right coach could still challange as we have the players, just no head on the chicken. Suits some for sevco to be successful and who gets the cheques from sky etc who insist in competition. Lenny does not trust some of his players, then why does he play them? Does he have a choice? Yes, Turnbull did make a difference, Eduaord needs a partner up front, if Grif is no fit, what has he been doing at the training ground the last 4 months? Where is Dempele while both Forrest and Mikey are out? There are strings being pulled and the whole thing stinks. HH!


  2. I fully agree. As someone who used to watch celtic reserves that included Dalglish McGrath maccabi vic Davidson etc I always expected that if a first team player was injured or off his game then an able reserve for that position. Hail hail


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