Things will have to get a lot worse before any big changes take place

Another weekend, another disappointing game for Celtic. Just when you hope things might take a turn for the better, you realise nothing has changed at all.

The gap between first and second grew by another two points thanks to another contrast in fortunes over the weekend. It could have been a lot worse though, we could have lost.

In any other season these past five or six years, a draw at Easter Road would have been viewed as acceptable. After all, Celtic haven’t won there since January 2014.

The trouble is, Celtic need results to start going their way now. If they don’t, then they risk 10IAR being gone before Santa has been.

Our continued failure to keep a clean sheet/score enough is troubling. Every time we hope for a reaction we don’t get one.

We can go a goal or two down and somehow end up managing to claw it back for a draw. What I don’t get is how we can do that, but can’t seem to turn a game of possession into goals and a victory.

This is not the stuff of champions. It’s the act of a team clinging on for dear life.

We had no excuses going into this season. Kept all our best players, brought in a few new guys and looked good to go.

The way we waded into teams after the winter break last season was the perfect response to the home defeat in the Glasgow derby last December. I’m fairly certain had last season been played out, the eventual gap between us and the rest would have been greater than the 13 points it was before Covid-19 struck.

The question is what happened to us over those barren football months? It’s like we never came back.

Much like the way Steven Gerrard’s side never came back after the winter break of last season. They’ve certainly turned up this season make no mistake.

Everything we touch right now is either a disaster or an uphill struggle. I’m actually amazed we’re still in the Scottish Cup from last season given the way that we’ve played.

I feel like I’m watching an underdog Celtic side from the 90’s. The only difference is that we’re actually supposed to be the team to beat and we’re throwing it away.

We’re more like the Ibrox side of the 97-98 season. On our last legs before an expected summer exodus.

Is 10IAR a fools quest? Some Scottish footballing myth?

I’m not superstitious, but it’s a helluva coincidence that the last time Scotland were in a summer finals, Celtic had just stopped the 10! This season is not over yet, but if things progress in the same fashion as they have been, then history will repeat itself if you catch my drift.

Have Celtic become so complacent that they’ve lost their competitive edge? Or are they feeling the weight of expectation?

We’re already lagging behind as it is so you’d have thought that was an incentive alone. There is most definitely a challenge out there, but we don’t appear to be at the races.

I find it painful to watch us falter like this. It’s one thing to lose in the course of a battle, but we barely seem to have the ability to go toe-to-toe with the opposition.

The only battle at Celtic right now is in the hearts and minds of the players and coaching staff. They all need to snap out of it before it is too late, unless of course it is already too late.

We continually look for a winning run, but Celtic haven’t manage two straight wins in the league since before the Glasgow derby. That match seemed to knocked the stuffing out of us.

In between domestic games we’ve had poor European results which have not assisted our mindset. I say that from a fans perspective, but that must have had a detrimental effect on the squad and coaching staff too.

Taking into account those European matches only adds to the amount of games we have failed to win. There is also the matter of our leaky defence and at times, toothless attack.

We’ve conceded 10 more goals and scored 7 less than top spot has at this moment in time. Those are out biggest issues right now because we certinaly don’t lack ability to dominate possession in games.

In the Scottish Premiership the 11 point gap feels huge, even with the two games at hand. However, we’ve still only lost one and drawn one more than our rivals.

Celtic are also up against the best start any club out of Ibrox has had in over 50 years. Even still, Celtic won the league that season in case you’re interested.

We were in the midst of 9IAR under Jock Stein back then. Nobody knew that at the time, but there you go.

The thoughts burning in the minds of Celtic supporters right now will be is 10IAR recoverable? And if so can it be done with the current coaching team or will there come a point that action must be taken.

Many have already called time on Neil Lennon. And not for the first time this season either.

I think the trouble is, who is in a better position to turn things around at such short notice? Sometimes this sort of move is done due to a bad appointment such as when we had Tony Mowbray at the helm.

That was disaster recovery and realistically too late given that is was late March. Neil Lennon did win every league match when he stepped in but it still required the Ibrox club to falter which they only did to us.

Right now we need things to go our way. A few points dropped across the city and for us to win back-to-back would be a game changer.

My personal opinion is that Neil Lennon will be in this job for the foreseeable future. Matters will have to get a lot worse before any action is taken.

All we can do is hope that our fortunes will change sooner rather than later. That includes a twist of fate across the city.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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