What a difference a day makes…

On Monday, Celtic were awarded their ninth SPFL trophy in a row. By Tuesday, whilst Celtic fans were looking the other way, the SFA released an out-of-the-blue statement that they would no longer be pursuing the case with Rangers’ UEFA licence back in 2011.

It was set to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) following the Ibrox club’s challenge that it be referred to the Swiss court. Two years on and with legal advice, the SFA Board unanimously voted not to pursue and the matter now closed.

I can’t help think that on the back of the current SPFL season being ended and awarded to Celtic that the timing of the SFA’s announcement was some kind of trade off. For a matter that cause such a stir, everything appears to have gone rather quiet, rather quickly.

The Ibrox club were at the forefront of the argument over the SPFL vote weeks ago. They threatened to have a whistle-blower and a dossier to present the SPFL members.

As it turned out, there was very little substance to the dossier when it came out. Anything that was contained within it did no match up to the initial call for certain individuals to be shown the door and failed to get enough votes.

The aftermath of the vote demonstrated that the majority of the clubs saw nothing of any great significance. Some clubs even made statements as to why they had made certain votes, citing historical failings rather than current ones.

So some were voting for an in an independent inquiry because it suit a previous agenda. Even so, the SPFL made it clear that many of the arguments were based on a their accusers misinterpretation of events.

It has been a rather quick turnaround though, that a call for job suspensions and to declare the season null and void has now developed into a unanimous view that the season ended and Celtic awarded the SPFL trophy. To go along with that, the SFA Board have taken a unanimous vote not to pursue a valid notice of complaint against the Ibrox club which of course benefits them greatly.

Many people felt that this dossier must have some hidden agenda given that it failed to gain any signification support after all clubs got eyes on it. Now it seems to make sense that they are happy to lower their tone, now that they have seen Resolution 12 thrown out once and for all.

Neil Doncaster, one of the Ibrox club’s key suspects, is also on the SFA Board. Was there some kind deal struck here to cease the case with CAS as long as they went along with ending the season and allowing their rivals to lift their ninth title?

If they did it must have hurt, but it also means they have seen a valid case against them written off for good. That will have eased their pain a lot and sounds very much like a trade-off.

Of course, these are my own ramblings, but given that the Ibrox club were like a dog with a bone, they appear to have gone quiet all of a sudden. I wonder why?

Is this really the end of Resolution 12? We’ll have to wait and see.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

5 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes…

  1. I have been reliably informed this is NOT the end of the matter amongst the signatures of the Res 12 motion


  2. Naw its because the corrupt sfa spfl coulnt afford the court fees and the fine handed out to rangers would have been less that the court fees


  3. Naw it’s because the corrupt sfa spfl couldnt afford the court fees and it would have cost more than the fine rangers would have recieved


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