Nine-in-a-row shows that this continues to be Celtic’s era

With the season officially called by the SPFL another title has landed at Parkhead. Celtic have claimed nine-in-a-row for the second time in their unbroken history.

Without checking facts I can’t say that any professional club has ever managed such a feat twice. What I do know that some clubs have succeeded in performing title runs as many as 10-in-a-row through to 14-in-a-row.

That is some achievement regardless of which league you are in. What Celtic have done though is repeating their success in another era.

Some of us will have been around for that first occasion during the Jock Stein era and now witnessing it once again. For me, it is the first in my lifetime and a joyous occasion.

10IAR will remain an objective as will the the quadruple treble when the four semi-finalists resume the Scottish Cup competition. That may not happen for months yet, but it will be played out.

You cannot fail to recognise Celtic’s strength despite the season ending early. Our domination since the turn of the year has been brutal on opponents.

We have played like champions and seen pretenders put to bed again. I’d happily have seen the season played because we have missed a chance to put the sword in to our “rivals.”

They should count themselves lucky. We spared them humiliation by not being able to widening the gap!

Tremendous praise must go to Neil Lennon and his coaching staff. The players have put in a fine season and responded when it mattered.

It hasn’t been the usual fan fare, given the current pandemic situation, but I am certain that at some point we will get a proper chance to celebrate. Right now though we will revel in the success of another well deserved title for Celtic Football Club.

We can savour the tears of joy in our own domains whilst enjoying the tears of dismay evident on all the phone-ins and across social media. This is our time and we have shown our strength when it mattered most.

Mathematics may tell us the season was not over. Realistically, we were never going to be caught.

There was zero sense of a revival across the city. Celtic were in astounding form and even now as we think the future, we will only get better.

Here’s to 9IAR. We look forward to the 10IAR.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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