From universal acceptance to universal slating…this is Scottish Football!

EBT recipient of £485,000 and former Rangers 1872 player Steven Thompson now spends his time as an impartial football pundit for the BBC. His well reported comments yesterday about the yet-to-be-decided Scottish Premiership title aren’t in any way inflammatory, but rather contradictory and a tad ironic.

Every headline covering the story, as stated by Thompson, carried a variant that Celtic wouldn’t be recognised as champions without playing out the entire season. However, he also goes on to say that Celtic would win the title without a shadow of a doubt.

Furthermore he points out that anyone who doesn’t think that is lying. Even his “Rangers friends” are of the same opinion.

That pretty much ties up the majority about where the title was going then. So why then did Thompson take the stance that Celtic can’t be title winners without playing out the season first?

On the one hand he is admitting the truth about where the title is going to go with eight games left. Whilst on the other hand he is supporting those (the peepul) who aren’t happy if Celtic get crowned, having failed to play the remaining fixtures, two of which were against Gerrard’s 2020 flops.

Well, it’s pretty simple, Steven. IF the league cannot be played out then it must be decided now as it has been with the rest of the country AND in other countries.

The null and void option is off the table and quite frankly I agree. If the league was much closer then I would understand the lack of universal acceptance, but the league was over before the lock down.

Talking of universal acceptance, Steven Thompson should be mindful of titles and trophies won when he was a player across the city. How much domestic silverware was won during the EBT years over at Ibrox, Stevo?

Are we just pandering to the peepul whilst stating the obvious simultaneously? You can’t have it both ways buddy so you best make your mind up and dispense with making yourself look like the amateur you are.

Whilst his former club may have played out entire seasons during his time in Glasgow, they did so with a sporting advantage over a long period of time. I’m not going to trawl through that in any detail because we’ve had that chapter and verse over the years and the record books still haven’t been corrected.

If Steven Thompson has any problems with Celtic being award the title when it was already conceded by a self-imploding Ibrox team after the winter break, then he should re-examine his own time at Rangers 1872. As a winner of four trophies, including two titles whilst playing there, I think a lot of people would happily discuss universal acceptance by a cheating club with him on a one-to- one any time.

Today, the long awaited dossier compiled by the Ibrox Board of Laughter was presented. It will come as no surprise to anyone outside of Ibrox that it contained nothing of substance.

The most excitement I have gotten out of this document is the universal slating it has been getting across the internet all day. From Chris Sutton to Jim Spence and even Steven Thompson’s Sportscene sofa counterpart, Michael Stewart, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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