Christie, Eddy and Sinky

There’s rarely a dull moment at Celtic Park. Positive or negative.

With the January transfer window open and the media amping up matters between Celtic and Rangers, unsurprisingly much of the talk involving Celtic is negative. Whether you’re a believer that Operation Stop Celtic is a real thing or not, we are currently taking a hit from a few different angles.

It was bad enough that we lost our first ever game to the current incarnation of the Ibrox club last month at Celtic Park. Now the SFA have taken swift action on the apparent unseen behaviour of Ryan Christie on Alfredo Morelos.

You know the story, so I don’t need to repeat it for you. What we are dealing with once again is the SFA judicial process and the lack of consistency.

Celtic’s statement on the matter was welcomed by some fans whilst others felt it was weak. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what the statement says, it’s what Celtic intend to do about it.

The club are under scrutiny from their own support. Scott Brown made a statement in the media that Christie’s punishment was deemed as “laughable” and we know where he is coming from.

If that is the general take by the club then I’ll be interested to see how they approach this. We all know the SFA are grossly incompetent and even complicit in piling the misery on Celtic too.

Am I hopeful something positive will transpire from the farcical episode? Not a chance.

If Rangers players’ can walk away from the shame game of last season in the way that they did then the game’s a bogey. THIS is Operation Stop Celtic in full flow.

The only thing Celtic can do about it is on the park. That means, keeping the head, playing your football and always assume you’re playing against the officials as well as the opposition.

Christie will miss three games. The only fortunate thing perhaps is that it’s against Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock and Ross County.

Celtic have to get back on their game and this break in Dubai will hopefully heal the wounds of the defeat at Celtic Park and their end of year form. There is also the need to bring in some fresh blood, but so far there has been nothing for the first team.

Rumours surfaced yesterday that Scott Sinclair was set for talks with Preston North End. If the move goes ahead it will be best for all parties as he clearly is not in Neil Lennon’s plans.

It’s a poor way to go for a guy who gave so much, especially in his first season. Whilst his stats were always good his game play did begin to suffer in his second season, but these last six months have been a waste of his career as he failed to get a summer move.

Other exit news began to surface yesterday that Odsonne Edouard was interested in moving south of the border. Now, if you’re at Celtic and you’re any good, this type story is very common.

We’ve had to endure this type of story for as long as I can remember now. When the stories surfaced yesterday ,it was the usual suspects Eddy was linked with, but this morning it has been Leicester City.

Perhaps linking him with the big clubs wasn’t enough to make Celtic fans bite. Now they’ve put the former Celtic manager in the mix to make it appear more credible along with a nice price tag and that he won’t make a move until the summer.

So just enough to unsettle everyone, but not enough to take him now. As I said, Operation Stop Celtic is in full flow.

One lesser known signing that has been made is that of youngster Bruno Davidson on a three year deal. He is yet another young player signed by Celtic since Neil Lennon has taken up the post on a permanent basis.

It is clear that with the amount of young players he has signed, he is planning for the future. This is a positive sign for Celtic as it will add to the contingent of talent already in our own youth ranks.

We’ve already seen one of our young acquisitions break into the team in Jeremie Frimpong. His early emergence has kept Moritz Bauer out of first team matters in the absence Hatem Abd Elhamed.

At 15 years old, it is unlikely we will seen Davidson for a while yet. It does appear we are building the next wave of players at the club by bringing them in early though.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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