Cowardly BBC Sport

You have to marvel at the anonymous sports writing of the state broadcaster, BBC. In the last hour they released a story covering the midweek football in the Scottish Premiership.

The piece isn’t aimed entirely at Celtic, however they begin the article by covering the Champions first. Within that, they focus entirely on Leigh Griffiths.

Having recently come back from a lengthy period out with his career and personal life being under scrutiny by a savage media, he had to endure some negative comments from Sky Sports’ Kris Boyd during the live show on Wednesday night. Upon scoring the second goal of the win at Kilmarnock, Griffiths responded in kind to the former Killie forward aloft in his studio punditry position in the stadium.

The criticism Griffiths had taken was underhand. As a mental health advocate, Boyd should have known better.

Then Griffiths had to deal with the Killie fans upon being substituted. This is where the BBC’s piece was solely focussed on.

Bad enough that Boyd was giving a comeback player grief live on TV, now the BBC were wading in with both feet. Whoever wrote this piece obviously felt that it was worthy to centre on the Celtic striker’s discipline rather than his return to the game.

Never mind the fact he had been out for a long time with personal issues which have been speculated on by the media. If Griffiths was out of order, which he wasn’t, then I would understand making the story about that.

It’s not as though he gestured to the crowd with a throat-slitting motion. No, he’s thrown a flimsy bit of rolled up tape he was wearing during match play.

The crowd were on his back and the Celtic bench came to his defence. Indeed, the abuse was said to have been unwarranted but the writer of this article has not stated as much.

The three paragraphed blurb entitled “Menacing Griffiths must maintain discipline” has all the hallmarks of Tom English. Throw in a compliment or two before taking the subject down.

It’s a totally unnecessary piece from the establishment. Once again, our club and it’s players receive some absolute nonsense reporting by the Scottish media.

Scotland’s media are an law unto themselves and a total embarrassment to our country.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac