Warning signs

Sunday’s result at Celtic Park has been coming for while now. The warning signs have been visible in this and other Celtic fixtures.

The big question for Celtic now is what are they prepared do about it? Everyone is accountable so nothing can be left to chance.

So many of our players looked off the boil. That has been evident in the weeks building up to this game.

Is it fatigue? A lack of hunger?

Neil Lennon must have some inkling. He’s not entirely blameless himself because for the last two games against Gerrard he has been dominated.

Celtic stole the League Cup and that should have been a huge signifier for him. I didn’t expect Celtic to lose at Celtic Park, but now Gerrard can score that one off his list of things to do.

You saw the joy on his face at winning on our turf. It’s a hurdle cleared and now gives his side a chance to go a point clear when they finally take on that game at hand in the new year.

Of course, to do that Lennon and Gerrard will both have to hit the ground running when the season resumes on 18th January. That will be the Scottish Cup, so league duties will not get underway again until 22nd January.

What Celtic have to achieve in this window could have a huge impact on the rest of the season. The coaching team have to identify what has made the players so flat lately and get us back to where we were.

I agree that additional personnel will be welcome, but you don’t necessarily solve a team problem by throwing more players at it. The players have be playing competitive football non-stop since 9th July and so have Gerrard’s.

So fatigue shouldn’t really be a factor in this debate? Is it simply just that our rivals wanted it more than us?

I’d hate to think we are getting complacent. If it isn’t that then I’m running out of ideas as to what it can be.

Whatever it is, Celtic have a couple of weeks to identify it and work the problem. If the league comes down to these matches between Lennon and Gerrard then the indication is that Gerrard will win based on the last two encounters.

We’ve had more than enough warning. Now show us you’re going to do something about it, Celtic.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “Warning signs

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  2. Once again rubbish from your self
    Don’t need new players. Are you serious
    We are so thin we play a wee boy on left wing who has failed again and again
    We play a chicken in the right wing who only plays as we can’t afford a 2nd striker
    We desperately need a 2nd Center half. Ayer just switches off
    We also need an experienced no 2 and not a lawwell lackey
    Are you peter lawwel in disguise


  3. On the fatigue matter, some of our players have been at it for 3 previous treble trebles. It takes its toll.
    One main worry prior to yesterday was how lightweight our team is compared to theirs.
    Silk fitba players don’t get a free pass from the opposition or the MiB in Scotland.
    They defended with more energy and purpose as a team than we did. Ryan Kent isn’t worth £7million but he burst a gut to get back and support his teammates. We had players who didn’t.
    It doesn’t help when our best left back ( Taylor) is sitting in the stand.
    As for signings, a capable centre forward is a must .
    Will PL step up ? He didn’t when faced with corruption.
    Complacency’s the first step to nowhere.


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