The end of the year is nigh…

Celtic’s final game of 2019 is here. Today, there is an opportunity.

A year ago to the day, Celtic were heading to Ibrox, under the management of Neil Lennon’s predecessor. We all know the outcome of that match and could offer a variety of reasons as to why it occurred.

As it turned out, that season was riddled with simmering, underlying issues. In the end it culminated in a calculated, mid-season departure by the man how now sits in the Leicester City hot seat.

That is now all history of course. Neil stepped in, in our time of need thanks to his departure from Hibernian weeks earlier.

This rather convenient opportunity was ideal back in February though not the name on everyone’s lips as we approached the summer. In the end, those of us who doubted his appointment, myself included, were wrong because now we have a team of fighters.

The summer didn’t inspire many with prompt signings and an exit from the Champions League, which continued the idea that Lennon was not the right choice. Now, look at what has be born out of those set

Five points ahead in the league of our rivals with an opportunity to make it eight today. League Cup winners and qualified for the last 32 by finishing top of our Europa League group.

Our gap in the league is small, but one that keeps us in front. In fairness to Gerrard, he has improved the team he took over eighteen months ago and has stayed on our heels this season.

In some matches against us, Gerrard’s players have been wasteful. Though last season, won both games at Ibrox and ended 2018 on the same points as us thanks to the win at Ibrox.

He would have been looking for the same if not better this season, but so far he has lost at Ibrox and Hampden against Celtic. At Celtic Park today every attempt will be made to halt this Neil Lennon Celtic side.

What Celtic do today will set the tone for the rest of the campaign. There’s no doubt that we have the advantage of being the home side, but how Celtic play today will also be of interest.

Allow Gerrard’s team to play or dish out some of our best football? I recall Celtic going out all guns blazing during the years of Ibrox dominance, but now that shoe is on the other foot.

We are in the driving seat. We are the Champions and it’s ours to lose.

Now is the time to demonstrate our strengths. Let’s end the year on a high, Bhoys.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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