We need to back the team…right now

Like the first leg of the UCL third round qualifier against Cluj, I will most likely be in the air when the first leg of the UEL playoff is under way. The stakes are just as high in this match if not even more so.

As supporters, we’re still analysing every move made or not made by Celtic. What we need to do though is lay off for now and stand by the players and coaching staff.

Not because they don’t deserve to be criticised or scrutinised. But because right now they need us.

Whatever we think of Lawwell, Lennon or even the players, mistakes have been made. Whilst all of that needs to be resolved, rectified and redressed, empty seats, boos and banners won’t necessarily have the desired effect.

On the one hand a message is going to the board or whoever the blame is being directed at. Whilst on the other, if you consider that perhaps Neil Lennon is trying his hardest to recruit, rebuild and repair the squad, we aren’t helping matters by levelling continual berating.

We’re all angry and Neil Lennon used the word ‘hysteria’ in his pre-match press conference yesterday, but he wasn’t wrong. I was as hysterical and angry as the next supporter after Cluj and to a certain extent Dunfermline also.

If there is to be a huge breakdown in the club then it will come in the shape of not making the Europa League group stage. Or worse still, not achieving 9INAROW and if it comes to that then we can have our say once more, but we can’t prevent it.

I’m not pinning my hopes on a treble. We’ve already created history with a treble treble.

What I want to see is this club develop their home grown talent with the additional youth procured. Let that blossom whilst Neil Lennon gets the first team moving forward with additional players in the next two weeks.

Were it not for the mistakes against Cluj we wouldn’t be complaining. As I said in the aftermath of that match, mistakes are costly at the highest level and it cost us UCL cash and the glamour.

Let’s focus on what can be done now. Not what cannot.

Back the Bhoys. All the way.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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