Welcome to Sarajevo

As much as I miss watching Celtic, it seems as though the season has just finished. Tonight, Celtic get their European campaign under way when they face FK Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This will be a stern test for Celtic so early on in the summer and in totally new territory as well. In recent years they’ve faced weaker opposition in the first round, but FK Sarajevo will be tougher.

Whilst Celtic offloaded eleven players, Neil Lennon still has a solid core within his squad. There have also been recruits between January and June yet to make their mark for the club.

The unfortunate situation is that we have injuries to a few players before a competitive ball has even been kicked. Hopefully, these will not be long term and are more about being cautious than anything else.

Despite the anxiety around our transfer activity since the season ended, I actually think we’ve done some good work with our recent acquisitions. We still require a couple more players but for now, I think we’ve bolstered what is already a talented squad.

Speculation about some players leaving will remain a point of discussion until the transfer window closes. There is nothing we can do about that.

This evening in Sarajevo that will not matter either. Getting a result that will allow Celtic to return to Glasgow happy they can finish the job on home soil is.

Neil Lennon knows what is at stake. He’s been here before and he is looking to rubber stamp his own mark on this team without risking a stumble.

Even with my reservations about Neil retaking the manager’s job, I am actually pretty excited to see this new chapter unfold. It’s a long road to the group stage and every game counts.

Let’s hope this new beginning is long a fruitful one. C’mon the Hoops!

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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