Every player has a price and every player has a shelf life. For Olivier Ntcham, he’s fast talking himself into an exit this summer.

Celtic have been here many times before with players. More than once in the last twelve months in fact.

The French under-21 internationalist has divided the support in his two years at the club. There is no doubt he is a talented player, but he has had moments when attitude has let him down.

He has recently taken a widespread beating from the support based on last season’s performances alone. Not that I am rushing to his defence, but he did miss sixteen games from January to March.

Whilst it wasn’t his best season in a Celtic jersey, it doesn’t make him a garbage player. What has sparked greater contempt though are his comments to the media, whilst on international duty, regarding his future at Celtic.

If there is any shred of truth in those comments then that future is not with Celtic. You can fine him, reprimand him or chastise him in public, but if he is publicly decrying the club and the quality of competition then he will be offloaded soon enough.

We know Scottish Football is far from the top leagues out there. With the greatest respect though, Celtic have a status that brings the best out in players and gives you a platform to perform.

Has Ntcham done that at Celtic? I don’t think he’s done enough even if he does have the potential.

Nobody wants a disruptive, uncommitted player in the dressing room though. Last summer we had Boyata and Dembele to deal with.

One went, one stayed. Whatever went on between those players, their agents and the club it is far from satisfactory.

Ntcham has claimed he was disappointed not to get a move to Porto last summer. After one season and then signing a new contract, no wonder Celtic turned down any offer.

I think the guy is a good player, but he is getting way above his station. There are too many players like this out there and if Brendan Rodgers has been the catalyst to guys like Boyata, Dembele and Ntcham moving on (as Dembele claimed) then I don’t want them at the club.

We know that if you are good enough, the club will find it difficult to hold onto you if the asking price is met. What doesn’t need to happen is for a player to begin making disrespectful and unprofessional comments to the media.

You sign for a club, you commit. If there comes a point when things have run their course then fine, just sit down and do a deal that works for both parties.

Ntcham has taken a massive dump on his own doorstep. I’ll be happy to sweep him and his turd out of Celtic Park if there is this is the end of the relationship.

There are loads of talented players in our ranks of all ages who are committed to Celtic. I’d rather see them pull on the Hoops than a guy who has thus far failed to even sparkle such as guys like Christie, McGregor or Forrest.

I won’t get hung up on one guy when we have plenty of others waiting to step up. No player is bigger than the club.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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