Transfer in serious doubt

Not long after I posted yesterday’s blog, “Transfer imminent“, David Turnbull’s agents rejected Celtic’s contract offer. Motherwell had already accepted what was a club record transfer fee for themselves, but negotiations on the player’s salary have hit the skids.

Generally there is a second bite at the cherry when it comes to personal terms. However, Celtic’s official statement yesterday suggested that what was on the table was “magnificent” and that it was “up to the agent and player to decide if the player wants to join Celtic.”

Celtic don’t appear willing to be held to ransom. They completed that statement by saying, “If not we move on.”

The club have come under criticism for last year’s John McGinn saga and were under scrutiny not to mess about this summer. Whilst they may have learned from that when dealing with Motherwell, it looks like ProLegal Group are trying to play the angles here for their client.

I’ve read some comments that the player is within his rights to get the best deal possible and that it is his agent’s job to broker that. However, Celtic have a salary structure and ProLegal Group must be aware that Celtic aren’t going to break that policy for a 19 year old guy who has just one season under his belt.

They represent former Celtic player Stuart Armstrong and a current one in Ryan Christie. So both parties are familiar with one another.

Perhaps this agency’s ego is growing to fast. Their biggest client being Champions League winner, Andrew Robertson.

The club aren’t trying to buy the next Wayne Rooney though. They are buying a kid who still has to prove it at a bigger club, play in a European arena and yet step up to senior level for his national side.

It is all ahead for Turnbull and Celtic are offering him a good platform to develop his skill set. Should he produce the goods, he will almost certainly have got an improved deal before the current one has run its course.

That is how other success stories at Celtic have worked out. That is how it would work out for David Turnbull, but it appears he and his agents want it all now before he has even proved himself.

I don’t know what sort of wages he is currently getting at Motherwell, but I can’t imagine that it is fantastic. Similarly, I don’t know Celtic’s salary structure, but I’m pretty sure they’ll have doubled, trebled or quadrupled his Fir Park income.

If Celtic were to break their policy for a 19 year old player what sort of message would that send to our own up and coming players? For me, ProLegal Group are playing strong arm tactics.

They know Celtic had to make this deal work because of last summers fiasco with Hibs. Celtic’s statement though is a public declaration for the fans to know their position.

Unless there is something missing from all of this, then I back the club 100%,. Yes, I think Turnbull would have been a good bit of business, but I’m glad the club are sticking to their guns.

I don’t think there is anyway back for Turnbull now. Celtic have set out their stall and for a deal to be struck now would require either Celtic to go back on their statement or for ProLegal Group to come back with their tail between his legs.

For me, the damage is already done. I can’t see the matter being resolved now.

So it looks as though the club will need to look at one of their other targets. This deal looks dead.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

3 thoughts on “Transfer in serious doubt

  1. The boy can sack his agents , simple could be best offer he will get & will be looked after for next 4 yrs . Needs a reality check his agent , does he or they think Celtic are going to roll over to these demands for a 19 yr old who had a great 6 month last season , he needs development & structure over next 3-4 years & he will get it at Celtic park . Need to make your mind up son if it isnt to late allready 🤔🤔


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