Change is afoot

For the second time this season Celtic have lost at Ibrox. Brendan Rodgers lost in December and now Neil Lennon has lost in May.

Whilst Celtic are eight-in-a-row Champions, and possible treble treble winners, this team’s performance level has been on the slide for since at least last summer if not before. Neil Lennon has been given an opportunity to manage this squad and complete a treble, but I think the greater task may be out with his own capabilities.

This is not simply about domestic domination. It is about the evolution of the club on and off the parlk.

It’s fair to say Neil hasn’t had the opportunity to recruit and isn’t wholly a team of his making. However, I also have my reservations about Neil’s style of management.

Celtic tried to change the culture of health, fitness and training five years ago. Presumably, that was why Ronny Deila was recruited before Neil had even left.

Ronny ended up becoming manager instead, in the wake of Neil’s departure. We need to maintain that culture change and I’m concerned Neil hasn’t grasped that area of coaching yet.

You can’t just be everyone’s mate, go on the bevy with the players and bleed your heart out to the fans. It’s about development, discipline, fitness, health, recruitment and tactics.

If you truly want to make inroads in Europe you have to be professional in all areas. That was what Ronny started, Brendan continued and the next full time manager must also do.

I just don’t think that should be down to Neil. We need to think bigger and to safeguard our future.

At the beginning of this title run we had Neil who had a rapport with the fans, Ronny was a good coach with a likeable personality, but the Celtic job was evidently too big for him even though he secures two titles.

Celtic need someone who can man manage like Brendan did, but help us progress to the next level as well. Especially in Europe.

I’ve been troubled that the club would take the easy path and opt for Neil. They would be taking a huge risk if they did.

When Ronny Deila lost on penalties to a Championship based Rangers side, the writing was on the wall for him and they board responded with Brendan Rodgers. Celtic have now lost both Ibrox games and I think that should be a wake up call for everyone at Celtic.

We need to up the ante once again. I don’t think that responsibility should go to Neil Lennon.

Whilst he lives and breathes the club his passion may cloud his judgement. I know he wants the job again, but is he really got anything else to offer that we haven’t seen before?

Today’s match at Ibrox was brutal. It was almost a carbon copy of the December game.

We lost a cheap and lucky goal through a self inflicted mistake. Rangers should’ve had a man sent off as well.

You win games, you lose games. I’m concerned though that these two matches have been lost in the same defeatist manner.

Neil discussed the possibility of mental or physical fatigue. I don’t know if that’s fact or fiction, even if it is plausible.

It is disconcerting though. Especially when there is a cup final still to play.

Change is afoot. The board must react.

To fund a new era will take money and to do so, we may need to sell some assets. That’ll be decided between the board and the new manager I expect.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

16 thoughts on “Change is afoot

  1. Hi Steve. Problem with our club is Peter lawell
    One man can stop the ten in a row and that’s peter lawell
    Selling assets ? We took in 20m for Dembele and 9 for Rodgers , plus previous t/f windows we were cash rich
    Last summer we needed a min 2 players
    Now we need 4
    A right back
    Left midfield
    Right midfield

    Our squad is Poorest I have seen for a long
    Indeed to have Johnstone and Burke one was a failure
    But look
    At squad It lacks quality in every area


    • Blame Peter Lawwell. For what? Three treble trebles? A healthy financial position. Unlike some clubs that we see! Do we need players? Absolutely. Do we need a new manager? Definitely. We are going for nine maybe ten in a row. That’s got nothing to do with Peter Lawwell then?

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  2. Most of them yes All this tosh about financial prudence. Yes we can’t spend what we don’t have
    But to have money sitting in bank and watch the garbage on display today
    We have one striker That is down to peter lawells preference to have cash in the bank over players on the park
    Peter lawell will appoint NL as manager , but he will once again wait till after t/f window is closed
    Same as last time
    Peter lawell focus is on his pension
    Only a few more years to go
    Don’t invest , keep money for balance sheet AGM
    We struggle in Europe against teams on a fraction of our turnovers as they invest and we bring in loans and bargain buys


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  4. Can’t believe we were worse today than the last one at Ibrox. What the hell were our tactics ? Passing was crazy bad ! How many stray passes went 30 yards away from the nearest player , ! Ffs !! Sevco smell blood and will be going all out to stop 9 , this we must take seriously , meaning quality signings are a priority – no cheap squad fillers , and out with the deadwood.
    We’ve been substandard all season – jaded players now are mounting up and we need to freshen the team all over the park. Lennon is not to blame – Lawwell is though. We simply have to go and make history by doing ten , two more seasons on top , then and only then , can we feel acceptance to cut cloth and start over again with a young squad. We’ve been lucky with late goals this last while to keep us on top , or 8 would’ve been gone. Sick today at the way we went about business, from the first minute we looked scared to pass the ball ! Gerrard has them on a roll and we’ve got to step it up next season. Some of our guys looked like they’d rather be elsewhere – they better be wanting to be at Hampden ! Hail hail
    Let’s get this sorted Celtic


  5. We have not spent 45min in Rodger reign
    More like 20m. But we made that through extra season tickets Remember the peter lawell Closed stand. Caused by fans just not going to game


  6. No wonder they are in a healthy financial position all that money commin inn fukall going out in new players but makes the books look good so ot does that be correct
    MR LAWELL ffs


  7. If Celtic fail to invest properly and fail to make it to nine then the place will be in uproar. Once again the support will have been short changed and let down. They need to appoint a manager capable of taking the club forward and with decent financial backing. No more loan or project signings. If the rumour is true that Kennedy is picking the team and that Lennon is only there to appease the support then this is not good at all.


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