When Sunday comes…

The final showdown of the season with Rangers takes place tomorrow. In the buildup this week there’s been the usual flurry of irresponsible mainstream and social media bile to fuel the fire as well.

Not that you ever need it. These games come with their own self driven importance.

No trophies are being contested. This one is for personal glory.

With the league all tied up last week, Celtic can go out and enjoy this one. The emphasis on winning should be no less though.

Some have suggested on throwing in some young players. That we should play a weakened team.

In a game like this with Neil Lennon in charge there’s little chance of that ever happening. He’s played in these games, captained them and has managed his fair share also.

Celtic do have a cup final to think about in two weeks, but I think it is more likely he’ll rest players at home to Hearts next week. The final league game is at home and it will be a day of celebration at Celtic Park regardless of that result.

On Sunday, Celtic will aiming to avoid a repeat of their last visit to Ibrox. Brendan Rodgers made a huge mistake in that game.

Some even suggested he deliberately messed up to make a point. Career suicide or not, he is no longer here.

Lennon won the next encounter and it was an explosive affair. This match will be under the microscope even more than usual.

As I said before, the media have been stirring matters up. They always do.

The guard of honour farce is really tiresome. I’m sick of hearing about it.

In truth I actually don’t give a flying fuck about it. Tradition or not it means nothing to me, especially from the walking dead.

The pettiness level at Ibrox has become something of a sideshow. From reducing visitors allocation to binning applauding the Champions is nothing more than I expect from the Dave King circus.

He’s managed to get Steven Gerrard to whistle his tune. That is of course until he threw the club under the bus on honouring Celtic.

We also had the story of Tom Rogic moving south. A story out of nowhere that had no source and was discredited by his agent soon after.

I mean is there a big game this week? We’ve already had the odd poisonous story about Leigh Griffiths to deal with from areas of the SMSM.

Then yesterday we had the Timo Weah story. One which the player himself churned out.

The on loan PSG youngster has now left the club following his rejection of returning to Celtic for the Scottish Cup final. The anti-Lennon brigade within our support immediately jumped on the social media post that didn’t tell the full story.

I think we were all hopeful of Weah making an impact, but he by no means took the team by storm. I’d liked to have seen more of him, but to turn down a deal to play for your country and enjoy making history with Celtic then I have no problems with him leaving now.

Perhaps his words these past few months are not as sincere as we thought. Besides, he’s a loanee and will not be here next season so I won’t lose any sleep.

The focus remains on Ibrox and the players available to us. I’m sure that was on Lennon’s mind when he told Weah to pack up early.

He wants people committed to the cause that he is trying to preserve, for the next few matches anyway. Personally, I’m looking forward to this one.

It’s an opportunity to exorcise the last match at Ibrox. Stay disciplined on their turf unlike they managed on ours and increase our lead as Champions.

Lennon doesn’t have anything to prove at this stage. If he is the next full time manager he’ll need to prove himself then.

This unbeaten run has been about seeing out the season. It’s not an audition for the job in my opinion.

If there are any other candidates then that will be the measure, but the club will be thankful of Neil’s interim appointment. Speaking of which, head of recruitment, Lee Congerton has finally left the club.

It won’t come as any surprise because overall he hasn’t delivered the goods. With the club’s limitations on finances he has failed to unearth any bargains or gems.

For Celtic that is no good. Likewise, we cannot keep trundling along on with loan deals if player resales are a key part of our income.

So the clearout is already underway. Until Sunday then.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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