Another couple of nails in the coffin for McLeish. Another couple of quid towards the tax man.

Alex McLeish will not survive the Nations League campaign. The tax cheat and has-been manager is currently faltering in his second spell as Scotland manager.

Poor team selections and tactics has meant poor results. And it’s never a good sign when some of the best players available to you are walking away for one reason or another.

Player extractions are not uncommon on the international scene. However, the manner and frequency tend to stand for more in that environment.

I’ve made myself clear that although I am a Scotland supporter that I would not follow the national side under McLeish’s reign. I’d follow Malky Mackay before him and he’s not the exactly football’s best role model either.

In fact you have to wonder about the type of characters that are on the SFA’s agenda these days. Following Gordon Strachan’s departure, the governing body struggled to appoint a candidate.

Michael O’Neill turned down the job. Though he’d have been off his head to take it anyway.

Even though Mackay, already Performance Director at the SFA, took up the reigns temporarily, he was not given the role on a permanent basis. Nothing to suggest he wouldn’t step in again if McLeish were to leave abruptly.

And when might that be do we think? Well, I certainly don’t think McLeish has the kind of support he had when he was still a credible manager.

His career has taken a nosedive since his days at Birmingham City. Ironically, the job he chose over remaining Scotland manager first time around.

It was that departure that left a bad taste in the mouth of many, myself included. He had done a good job in his ten games in charge of Scotland back then having won seven and lost three.

Many felt he was still the man to lead Scotland on their next qualifying campaign. Though he chose the bright lights of the Premier League instead.

Almost a decade later his return to Hampden filled me with anger. Not just because he jumped ship so quickly first time around, but coming back when his stock is even lower.

The fact that both he and members of the SFA were complicit in the whole EBT fiasco, rile me further. So it pleases me to see him falter as Scotland manager this time around because he’ll be out on his ear with any luck.

Whatever skills he had before, have deserted him now. His reputation is not the standard required to manage Scotland’s best and brightest players of which there are a decent number these days.

McLeish has failed to demonstrate in the eight games he has managed thus far that he is still capable. He’s won just two of those, having lost the other six.

If still in post, he will oversee Scotland’s two final Group C1 games away to Albania and home to Israel next month. Depending on how that turns out may determine whether he stays on or the SFA look for another candidate before the next challenge comes up for Scotland.

I honestly don’t think he has the stomach to see it out. Though he does have that huge tax bill hanging over him.

I doubt the Scotland salary would cover it though. I doubt it’d even cover half of it.

Does that mean he’ll stick around for a bit longer then? I can’t see it being f he keeps going like this and it may not be up to him either.

I fully expect someone else by 2019. Right now the options are limited, at least in terms of leadership.
There are some excellent Scottish coaches. Just not enough figureheads to unite the team and lead.

The Scotland manager would most likely need to be Scottish. It isn’t the sort of job many non-Scots would rush to.

A suitable manager would have to galvanise the squad for the short period of time they spend together. As a player you would have to want to play for that manager and be motivated by them.

In the current football climate, who would your ideal coaching team consist of? Home grown, foreign or a mix of both?

I wouldn’t wish any person to lose their job. With McLeish I’m willing to make an allowance.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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