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This weekend, the ByTheMinute Celtic podcast came to my attention. It was posted on Friday, but I read a “transcript” from it over the weekend courtesy of the John James blog.

Having read that, I listened to the podcast for myself. However, the post “What’s Really Going On At Celtic” by John James, has since been removed from his blog site.

There might not be anything in that since the podcast itself remains online. The only thing I could suggest is that this transcript was inaccurate.

The podcast itself is hosted by Lawrence Donegan along with regular Remy McSwain. On the latest show they were joined by Harry Brady of the Celtic Underground.

The reason this podcast was of particular interest to me was that they not only discussed the events that took place over the summer. Harry Brady provided some insight to that period as well.

I don’t know Harry or any of the hosts personally. Harry made it clear how he gathers his information without specifically naming anyone.

It’s from a variety of sources. When all these strands are analysed it provides a fuller picture.

Through deduction material can be omitted which is either unlikely or unverified, whilst the material that does hold some water against that particular source, remains. Some of the remaining blanks can be filled by common sense and the laws of average.

No quotes, no names. Not complete fantasy though.

Why did this all resonate with me? Well, it should probably resonate with most of us because of the bizarre summer it was at Celtic Football Club.

After two months of twists and turns I actually wrote a blog titled “Selling the crown jewels”. It’s still sitting in my drafts folder unpublished, but much of the content matches up with what Harry, Lawrence and Remy were discussing in this podcast.

I don’t have the gift of inside knowledge or sources. I just read between the lines and write what’s on my mind.

Having listened to the podcast, it does vary from the transcript that was featured on the John James website. Some of the transcript isn’t even direct quotes from the podcast from what I could tell.

To be clear, I didn’t write or know anything about the Chinese offer. My unpublished blog focussed on three men: Peter Lawwell, Brendan Rodgers and Lee Congerton.

I talk about their roles at the club, performances and relationships. The bottom line being that they all needed to get on the same page which is where last week’s meeting comes in.

Congerton aside, the manager and the CEO supposedly met with Dermot Desmond. Well, I think we can all agree they didn’t meet up for a few beers and karaoke.

When you put together some of these strands of information, and I don’t know who Harry’s sources are, the content of the podcast does make sense. What remains to be seen is whether any of it is true or if it is pure conjecture though we may never know.

A lot of what was in this podcast does seem plausible. I’m not entirely in the camp that Brendan will be gone by next summer as was suggested – not now.

I do agree that there has been much more going on behind the scenes than we know about. That much is obvious, but as I said in my last blog, I certainly don’t agree with the codswallop Kris Boyd was spouting recently that there is a dressing room divide.

The fractures are or were higher up than that. It’s just that it has filtered down onto the field of play through Brendan.

Deliberate or natural? Who knows, but we’ve had a lot of team sheets leaked recently and other occurrences which quite frankly didn’t come across as being normal.

The type of agenda that fits with is the nature of someone being unhappy. Were team changes made to deliberately destabilise match days so as to make a point?

Again, conjecture. All I can say is that the podcast was recorded between two excellent games by Celtic both of which occurred after the London meeting of Lawwell, Rodgers and Desmond.

The St Johnstone match last Wednesday saw a stunning second half display from Celtic. It was as if they had just woken up.

On Saturday, Celtic went up against Aberdeen (and the match officials) and put probably their best 90+ minutes of the season so far. The scoreline of the last two matches may only have been 1-0 victories for the Hoops, but the significance is huge.

This sticky, disjointed opening to the season has been marred with bad headlines, an unforgiving media and behind the scenes misery which has bled on to the park. Perhaps the swingometer is back in Celtic’s favour.

Maybe just in time as well. Next up is last season’s Europa League semi-finalists, Red Bull Salzburg.

Brendan has his work cut out for him in this away match. Let’s hope that this upturn in team performances has arrived just in time.

If you haven’t listened to the ByTheMinute Celtic podcast, you can find it here:


Worth a listen.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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