Should Celtic fans be alarmed? “Yes I think they should.”

Before the match kicked off, I knew it’d be a tough test for Celtic. Kilmarnock have been a decent opponent under Steve Clarke, but a potential banana skin when the Bhoys are off the boil.

Well, Celtic are off the boil and on Sunday they lost to a hungrier side. If that is to become the common denominator for this season then the coaching staff and players need to have a sit down right now.

As supporters we watched as a summer of discontent unfolded. We’ve endured that and been expected to continue supporting the team, but so far we are no better for it.

Where is the passion, spark, flare and precision of a team at the top? I could understand if the well has dried up I don’t believe it has.

On their day Celtic are still the best team in Scotland. The current signs suggest complacency and resting on laurels and this was evident last season even though a second treble was bagged.

There is still plenty of talent in this team. We know that because Brendan Rodgers found it from the same group of players that his predecessor could not.

So what’s wrong? Is it the players or the management team?

Is Brendan’s disappointment at the transfer window spilling into the dressing room? Have the Dembele, McGinn and Boyata fiascos caused deeper wounds, yet to heal?

What we can be sure of is that we are not firing on all cylinders. The mood is telling.

Earlier in the summer Celtic had a spring in their step. We were even talking about two up top.

Now that all seems to have gone to the wall. And for no obvious reason.

I wrote over the summer about strengthening from a position of strength. I’m not the only one of course – it was on all of our minds.

Celtic Football Club often appear satisfied to sit back when they are ahead. I’ve never seen them under any ownership turn the screw on the opposition in any era.

There is clearly a need for a challenge in Scottish football. Is it really necessary to do it by dropping the ball though?

I’m taking nothing away from those who have gotten results off the Celtic. They earned it and has a positive effect on entertainment value for the neutral and those not of a Celtic persuasion as well as making “good headlines.”

My concern is that Celtic are standing still to let the rest catch up. Meantime we look on as the team fails to entertain, get results or rewards.

I want competition back in the sport for sure. Must we do so by throwing it all away?

Celtic aren’t flowing on the park right. Off the park there don’t appear to be any clear reasons as to why that is either.

Some might say we’ve been spoiled. An invincible debut season, two Champions League Group Stages and a double treble.

Something other teams in Scotland can only dream of. And yet right now we look like a shadow of all that.

I don’t think it is unreasonable for Celtic fans to expect better. The expectation is to win every game and when you drop points you are disappointed.

The challenge for Brendan Rodgers is to get Celtic out of this rut. The challenge is a self-inflicted one as far as I can see.

I still don’t believe there is a team out there capable of overthrowing Celtic right now. I still think Celtic will win the league, but right now it is one ugly-looking effort by the Bhoys.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

3 thoughts on “Alarming

  1. Very optimistic SM. I thought at the end of last year they were getting complacent and little has changed. I hope I,m wrong but I don,t think BR has enough of a fire in his belly to change things.


  2. We need to start leaving a mark on the thugs who are getting protection from the refs everytime they play us we just seem roll over and except it without retaliation also we need to start swearing at the official’s more Sevco player’s are at it every time a decision goes against them they are bullying the official’s who are already turning a blind eye to their thuggery.Celtic are up against the dark art’s the smsm, and the cabal at Hampden which will make it all the sweeter when we retain our title and put them back in their box


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