Can I kick him? Yes, you can.

Yesterday the SFA unveiled a new initiative in Scottish Football. Now it’s okay to kick your opponent without facing any consequences.

Apparently, three former grade one officials couldn’t agree on the HD footage presented to them of one player clearly kicking another. Because of that the matter will not be taken forward.

It’s a worrying situation. And another unprofessional one by the SFA.

With this being the outcome you have to wonder how good these former grade one officials were when they actually officiated live matches. They certainly can’t use the old honest mistake excuse retrospectively.

Are there perhaps different grades of kicks that are okay I wonder? I guess this is yet another attempt by the SFA to address the balance in the aftermath of a Glasgow derby.

Celtic win so their rivals have suffered enough right? Let sleeping zombies lie and all that.

That’s about the size of it when it comes to Scottish football’s governing body. I’d love to know how the conversation went with that panel.

First Panelist: “So the goalkeeper has won the ball, the opposing defender falls over him and the goalkeeper lashes out.”

Second Panelist: “I don’t know how you’re getting that? The goalkeeper has won the ball, the opposing defender is looking for a penalty and the goalkeeper tries to help the defender stay on his feet using his foot.”

Third Panelist: “Gents, gents, let’s not get our wires crossed here. It’s quite clear that the goalkeeper is verifying his respect for his opponent by high fiving him with his boot.”

So the game’s a bogey. What a farce.

For all his whining about the 50/50 ball (in my opinion) that led to Celtic’s goal, Steven Gerrard confirmed it was a blatant kick by McGregor. Even Stevie Wonder would agree!

I’ve watched the replay a dozen times and before McGregor’s lashes out with that foot when Ajer is on the ground, he’s already reacting to Ajer coming in and behind him from his right hand side intentionally. By the time Ajer stumbles over to McGregor’s left hand side and lands on the ground, the goalkeeper then throws his foot at the Celtic defender.

What part of that prevented three grown men watching a replay of that incident prevent them from coming to a unanimous decision? It’s the same old story with the SFA.

This sets a dangerous precedent for the future. If we can expect zero action instead of zero tolerance, players and manager will start dealing with it in their own way.

The whole point in discipline is about controlling the game by administering punishment. All we are hearing from across the city are why Collum didn’t award a free kick when Tom Rogic and Ryan Jack went for the same ball.

Former referee Dermot Gallagher stated that if that incident was a foul then it was Celtic’s. In his analysis, the former official said that Jack appeared to jump into Rogic first, but that advantage is given to Celtic.

Sportscene on the other hand focussed on Rogic’s leg which they claim to have taken out Jack. This occurred after Jack had jumped into Rogic so their analysis overlooked that completely.

Collum had a clear view of this incident. He also kept his eyes on the McGregor incident but has dealt with neither of them.

Wherever your opinion lies, it is clear that Collum like many other referees in Scotland cannot handle games of this magnitude. We all know that tempers flare, the noise is overwhelming and decisions can be influenced, but overall the man in black had a very, very poor game.

The review panel have assisted him by sitting on the fence. I think that’s what you call looking after your own.

Situation normal then?

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “Can I kick him? Yes, you can.

  1. Not bad, apart from getting it wrong that Collum saw McGregor kick Ajer as the ball had moved on by then as so had Collum, watching the ball. If I’m honest, I didn’t see the kick until they showed the replay and I’d say that’s true of most people. It’s ridiculous that the SFA have now given carte blanche to players to do this kind of thing now though. Absolutely pathetic governorship!


  2. I thought Gollum had a decent game by his (admittedly low) standards.

    I was of the opinion that he never saw the Shagger kick out at Ajer incident. But if he has been looking at it then that’s poor officialdom.

    My only gripe while watching the game was how slow he was to book one of their “players”. But then he’s not the only one to be like that


  3. Breaking News – Lee Harvey Oswald cleared by the @ScottishFA panel of Kennedy assassination following a review of video evidence


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