Get it done…

Whatever bollocks has been going on recently, Celtic need to go for the jugular tonight. If Leigh Griffiths is speeding out of his speeding trial and Odsonne Edouard is fighting fit then throw them both into the starting lineup this evening.

Get this tie killed off and then get them both off the park and rested for Sunday. We don’t want this game to go on any longer than required.

If we’re going to be without a number of players as of tomorrow, don’t even bother playing them tonight. As much as I would like to say goodbye to Moussa Dembele, his head won’t be in the right place.

His soon to be ex-team mates will be in the zone and fully focussed on the job at hand. We need 100% from everyone with no distractions.

Suduva have every right to feel they have a chance coming in with a draw. Celtic have every right to feel they have the advantage which of course they do playing at home and with an away goal.

This game sets Celtic up for the next few months if they get the right result. I’d like to think of tonight’s match and tomorrow’s transfer deadline as a watershed moment for Celtic’s recent misfortunes.

There has been enough distraction. There has been enough negativity.

Let’s get the job done tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

One thought on “Get it done…

  1. Tomorrow is a watershed moment, no the next day is the watershed moment.

    I don’t expect anything exciting to happen in terms of strengthening the squad. Clearly the board aren’t going to do that. Perhaps they’ve lost faith in Brendan or the scouting network. I don’t know, but Celtic never do business this late, so I don’t see it changing.

    I expect us to go into Sunday weaker than the Hamilton game. I wouldn’t be surprised if boyata is gone as well.

    If those two do go, we’ll have brought in between 35-50m, and only spent money on one player. That clearly shows a problem behind the scenes with either a board that can’t negotiate well, or that don’t trust the manager. Or perhaps are just trying to get a bigger bonus from an impressive bank balance.

    As for tonight, I couldn’t give a damn about it. I don’t give a damn whether we are in the EL or not. I won’t be spending any money on it, or any other cup competitions whilst the board are acrewing the fans and the manager over. Leave Eddie and Griff our for Sunday and start Bain up front. Sunday is far more important than tonight.


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