Achilles Heel

When FK Suduva come to Glasgow next week they stand a chance of causing an upset. It remains advantage Celtic for now, but as we’ve already seen this summer that doesn’t really count for anything.

Last night Celtic were on front foot and scored early. Then it was same old story.

Concede an equaliser and fail to find a winning goal. It’s a scenario played out all too often in Europe by Celtic.

Cheap goals are Celtic’s Achilles heel. They also seem to have a constant stream of players injured these days.

With the greatest of respect to Suduva, we should have pumped them. Instead we settled for ball retention and a 1-1 draw.

We football fans are a fickle bunch at times. Some fellow Celtic supporters will remind us of our recent double treble or even times when the trophy cabinet was bare.

That isn’t the general complaint. It is Celtic’s failure to strengthen from a position of strength in a timely fashion.

Sure, it is early in the season and we can improve. The most lucrative part of the season starts early though and we were not ready.

This isn’t a new thing. We’ve been kicking off our competitive season early in the summer for a long time now.

There’s no point singling out individuals in Celtic’s underwhelming start to the season. The cloud currently hanging over the club appears to be all encompassing.

There is something affecting us. The intensity that Brendan often talks about is not there right now.

We saw glimpses of it pre-season. In a short space of time it has vanished like a fart in the wind.

I’ve levelled some criticism at a handful of Celtic players, but they don’t account for our woes. The real issue is bigger than that.

This squad has been downsized by some way. The ranks needs replenishing with quality as Brendan often reminds us.

Last night’s result in Lithuania was not disastrous, but it came close. Suduva’s chances to score again came just as close as Celtic’s.

What I don’t understand is why we continue to be ill-prepared each season. I’m not a football manager, coach, scout or chief executive, but I know when something isn’t working or requires tweaking.

It appears to me that there isn’t enough focus on the field of play. Too many distractions are happening off the park.

We haven’t done our transfer business early or quick enough. We’re turning down bids for players who clearly want to move.

There are still a handful of players good enough, but not getting a sniff. We’re a week away from the transfer window closing and is looking like a disappointing one for the season ahead.

Unless Brendan is about to unleash the Quality Street Gang on the first team then we’re only a few injuries away from a struggle. If we get past Suduva next week we’ll be getting a hiding in the Europa League never mind the Champions League.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

One thought on “Achilles Heel

  1. I doubt that same as i doubt rangers are any good im 52 years old and supported celtic all my days the hysteria by so called celtic fans is shocking i remember rangers winning nine in a row and it was not nice back your club and manager or do t come back if you lot are glory hunters go and go now aimed at certain fans who dont remember the bad times mon the hoops


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