Scum of Midlothian

Their fans we already knew about and their manager has been in need of anger management for a long time now. After yesterday’s match at Swinecastle, we’ve now seen how dirty their players are as well.

Dirty tactics deployed by Craig Levein and carried out by his footsoldiers were on full display yesterday. And he played to tune Hearts’ vile fans in the stands.

Two challenges come to mind in particular. The groin stamp on Scott Brown and the ankle stamp on James Forrest.

Both of these were carried out by Steven Naismith. What a wee scumbag he is.

Neither challenge saw Naismith receive a card. It was shocking.

BT Sport’s summarisers, Stephen Craigan and Ally McCoist, made light of both tackles. They laughed and joked about an ensuing battle following late stamp on Brown by Naismith.

McCoist even stated that Naismith could handle himself and we shouldn’t worry. Not exactly what you would call a responsible piece of commentary for live TV coverage.

When the replay of the stamp on Forrest’s ankle was shown, both men said there was very little in it. I mean, what part of that potentially career ending stamp did they miss?

You could sense the glee in their voices every time Hearts put the wind up Celtic. Be it with their only goal of the game or a meaty challenge by one of their hatchet men.

I like a physical game as much as the next football fan. What I don’t enjoy are dirty tactics by so called professionals and putting fellow professionals in danger.

This seems to be Levein’s new style of football given how shit a manager he has proven to be over the years. And we already know what he thinks of Scotland’s player of the year, Scott Brown.

His hatred for Broony is evident, not just by his vocal condemning of the player earlier in the season, but by the direct assault he instructed his players to carry out on him. The Hearts fans were loving every minute of it as well.

Every time a ball went out of play I was disgusted by the anger being vented at Celtic players. That level hate cannot be healthy for you and it certainly isn’t necessary.

I said yesterday on my Facebook page that it was possible that I disliked Hearts more than the new Ibrox club. I guess that isn’t difficult when I probably feel more pity for the Glasgow club than anything else.

You can’t change football supporters though. Some of them are bred that way.

Rivalry is one thing but what I saw was more than that. So to beat Hearts on their own turf after the blip back in November was pretty sweet.

Any kind of setback for Levein and his crew makes me happy. Now we’ll wait and see if our incompetent governing bodies take any retrospective action but I won’t hold my breath.

Well done in killing off the Huns without the bus fare, Brendan. Natural order restored right Craig?

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “Scum of Midlothian

  1. Spot on Stevie Mac. Levein is as offensive and loathesome as you can possibly get with his outrageous attempts to encourage players to injure and maim and try to influence already incompetent referees. What a cesspit of an environment!

    The completely brainless, cowardly and talentless lickspittle Naismith carried out assaults as required for his equally coward of a manager. Ann Budge must be aware that Tynecastle is a bigoted cesspit, so presumably she agrees with her employees hatred of all things Celtic. However, possibly she is helpless to deal properly with it as she allegedly has her own demons to confront, if press reports are accurate. I’ll give her the benefit of doubt just now. However, when will it stop and before what cost? When will she act in a dignified and responsible manner?

    I certainly dislike this particular club and their horrible characteristics. They are not nice people.
    I visited Tynecastle once as a young boy, but the experience was so horrific I never went back.

    It is nice to see the natural order being restored in Edinburgh, simply because of the nasty comment earlier in this season from a gloating Levein after a lucky victory over their rivals.

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  2. Levine is a despicable man. His football is total rubbish. Heaping the ball forward is old 1965 type play, and bearing in mind the type of player Levein was, it’s blatant that Naismouth was sent out to claim anyone on the ball is a Celtic shirt. Meanwhile the fat gardiner was spouting his famous comment…I HAVE TO SAY… Mccoist is a total sh*t. He talks total rubbish. I am surprised he still has teeth after all the garbage he spouts.


  3. How can BT Sport expect an unbiased commentary from those Anti-Celtic pair of clowns. McCoist & Craigan are a disgrace, I will be cancelling BT Sport and stream Celtic away games so I dont have to listen to that obnoxious pair again.


  4. I was at a Scotland under 21 game at Tynecastle in the late sixties while on a coursr in Edinburgh.
    The level of abuse and vitriol levelled at the Celtic players involved lives with me still. I have never set foot in the cesspit since and never will.


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