Scotland must suffer the consequences, sadly so must we

I’m a Celtic and a Scotland fan. Obviously, Celtic come first every time, but that doesn’t stop me having a degree of passion for the country I was born and raised in.

Yet I have never felt quite so much contempt for the national side as I do now. Many Celtic fans have had issue with the national set up going back decades, but for me this is current and unresolved.

Firstly, there’s my ongoing desire to see the SFA disbanded (as well as the SPFL) in favour of a new progressive governing body that works for the future of the game including the clubs and the supporters. Secondly is my distaste at the appointment of Alex McLeish for a second time.

In light of the EBT scandal at Ibrox before, during and after McLeish’s reign at the now liquidated Glasgow club, coupled with the SFA’s allowance of the activities by key individuals, this reunited partnership is a stain on the Scottish game. There will be many out there saying it is time to move on, but have we even resolved this matter?

Not in the eyes of many. Myself included.

McLeish himself admitted to a sporting advantage in an interview around the time of the story breaking in the media. The scale of this scandal and lack of action by our governing bodies has been poorly covered by the SMSM in general.

Those who are employed by the SFA or SMSM appear happy to let it go because they are towing the company line. The appointment of McLeish isn’t so much about his managerial credentials (whatever they amount to these days), but it is a blatant two finger salute to those still seeking justice in the Scottish game for the actions at Ibrox and Hampden.

Our governing bodies in Scottish football are up to their knees in cheating blood. McLeish has no shame and any respect I may have had for him disappeared a long, long time ago.

Because of this I am resigned to hoping that McLeish has a short reign through a continual lack of success or an accumulation of fan disapproval. Some people may be looking to move on, but I and many others are not.

Reform is the only way out of this and that must begin and end with defeat for Scotland. I don’t want cheats running our game or even managing our national side.

It only goes to show just how much the SFA does not respect the fans of the clubs or the country. There is no commentary or dialogue on the SFA’s involvement or knowledge with the EBT scandal except for the so called internet bampots.

What chance do you stand in getting a fair hearing when a story such as this has the SFA with full knowledge of the matter and now even to this day employs people who were involved in it as well? There really is no hope for Scottish football that I can see.

I’ve long wished for change but there is no sign of it materialising. I won’t watch another Scotland game as long as McLeish is in charge.

To dismiss fans’ contempt for this issue purely as bitterness only defelcts from the truth. We’re on a road to nowhere.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

3 thoughts on “Scotland must suffer the consequences, sadly so must we

  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    I commented over on joe McHughs blog that we should crowdfund for an advertising trailer with the photos, names and amounts of ebts and drive it around Hampden and then park it outside of the offices of the sfa on the days of the semi finals.

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  2. Every time there are Celtic players in the team the only outcome I care about is them returning uninjured.

    Decades ago I used to attend Scotland games but as the line goes………………… Those days are past now and in the past they must remain.

    I am now uninterested in how the Scotland team does.

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  3. I stopped going to games at Hampden when I discovered that the SFA were corrupt to the core, incompetent, mendacious in the extreme and incapable of dealing with truth. My awareness started years ago with the cheating actions of the bigot Farry and continued through the EBT years. It will continue until the cancer is removed.

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