Brown: Doing his talking on the park

On Sunday Celtic extended their lead in the Scottish Premiership to ten points. A 0-0 draw at Fir Park was the best they could muster after failing to convert any of their chances.

The key talking point was the red car shown to Cedric Kipre. The second time he has been sent off against Celtic this season by referee Craig Thomson.

Now we can talk about the laws of the game, but I like many others thought it was a bad decision which also ruined a potentially good game. Thomson saw what he saw, but this could have been settled amicably and maintained the integrity of the match.

Both players were committed and there was an exchange. I didn’t think it warranted any sort of card though if he wanted to, have a word and book the next one step out of line.

Broony shoved Kipre off and Kipre returned the gesture by moving his leg into him backwards. Thomson produced the red card with decent sight of the incident.

Did Broony try to con the ref? Only he knows the answer to that.

I can see why Thomson has given it, but he didn’t have to. I’ve seen moments like this through the years.

David Beckham on Diego Simeone and Scott Brown himself on Neymar. Neither of which I felt were red cards, but the laws of the game say otherwise.

So was this red card down to Scott Brown? No it wasn’t.

Andy Walker was adamant that it was. Well, firstly his opinion doesn’t count.

He’s a bitter wee man who says the first thing that comes into his head. Never a good word to say about Celtic.

Walker instantly blamed Scott Brown. Nobody else.

Did Kipre use his leg like Brown did on Neymar or Beckham did on Simeone? Yes he did.

So who is to blame? Kipre or perhaps even Thomson?

Not if you’re Sky Sport’s very own Andy Walker. His judgement call was as reactionary as the incident itself.

His focus was on a “pathetic” Broony. As though the Celtic captain had instigated the entire incident himself.

Brown is a professional player who would walk into any team. He’s currently playing some the best football of his career.

There’s a whiff of envy from some of his critics. Craig Levein had a bit of a thing for Broony recently and made himself look completely unprofessional in the process.

How does Broony deal with this? He does his talking on the park.

He is our captain, our leader and he is probably our best player right now. I’ve got nothing but admiration for the guy.

If I thought he was dirty or a cheat I’d be one of the first to say so, but he isn’t. Instead he has a target painted on his back by opposition managers who will have some players under orders to go into battle with him.

That’s where they go wrong. You’ve seen what has happened in games against Aberdeen and Motherwell as recent examples when players have gone into challenges with Brown and seen red.

Brown doesn’t send these guys off. The referee does that.

It sounds to me like Scott Brown is getting to the opposition and winning before a ball is even kicked. Their reactions on the field of play support that.

What about the referee though? Sending off the same man against the same team twice in four months?

It should be mentioned that I felt Scott Sinclair made the most of what happened in the League Cup Final. Regardless of the contact, it was poor play by the Celtic winger with the slightest (if any) contact.

Perhaps Thomson isn’t that sharp on these incidents though? Or perhaps tge 21-year-old Kipre needs to reign it in a bit?

Whichever way you look at it, Scott Brown wasn’t the offender on Sunday. This air of negativity against him needs to stop.

Not sure if it’s part of the operation to stop Celtic or just a vendetta about one player. All Broony needs to do is just keep doing his talking on the park.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

2 thoughts on “Brown: Doing his talking on the park

  1. Broony made an arse of himself with his exaggerated reaction and needs to take the flak on the chin. If it was an opponent of ours who behaved like that he would be slaughtered by our fans.


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