We need to talk about Craig…

So let’s talk about Craig Levein. I’ve never been a fan of the greetin’ faced eejit.

I get the impression he thinks he is better than he actually is. Let’s not mince our words here, he’s a shit manager.

In his second spell at Hearts, a job he pretty much installed himself in, he has begun to emanate some real arrogance. The 4-0 defeat he inflicted upon Celtic to end their invincible run, has clearly gone to his head.

I didn’t comment much on him after that match. Looking back, I recall a visibly obvious, adrenaline pumped Levein in his post match interviews.

He couldn’t contain his excitement at the scalping Celtic received and who could blame him? It’s probably the pinnacle of his managerial career.

After 20 years in the coaching setup, he’s achieved next to nothing. SPL manager of the month twice with Hearts in his first spell at Tynecastle, four times with Dundee United and Scottish League Runner-Up with Dundee United.

It isn’t much better than his playing career. He won PFA Young Player of the Year two years running and a runners-up medal in the Scottish Cup both of these during his Hearts career.

His career ended prematurely due to injury. By that stage he was in the very late stages of his playing career anyway.

Given that brief description of his 35 years in the professional game, let’s look at a the man he’s attempted to take down in front of the media. Not just once but twice.

Scott Brown, Celtic and Scotland captain. Over 450 appearances for Celtic and over 50 for Scotland.

Winner of 7 league titles, 5 League Cups and 3 Scottish Cups. On the Scottish Football Roll of Honour, three times in the PFA team of the year, PFA Player’s Player and SFWA Player of the Year.

With more years left in the game that list will grow. This is the man Craig Levein has become obsessed with.

The manner in which he has handled himself when discussing Scott Brown is unprofessional for a man in his position. It all sparked from one incident which is no longer the issue.

His criticism of the Celtic captain, encouragement that other players need protecting from him and now that the player is deliberately getting booked to avoid suspension for important games is quite worrying. For what started as one incident has now descended into one mans obsession.

Levein has gone beyond the whingeing style of the Jim Jeffries/Billy Brown ramblings. Though I am beginning to wonder if this is indeed a Hearts thing.

Is Levein’s job so dull that he has to continually discuss one of Scotland’s most decorated players in the modern-day? I mean, you have to wonder if there is some jealousy in there.

The press are already all over this and to be fair I can’t blame them. Levein is making himself look like a total prick.

Yesterday, BBC’s Senior Football Writer, Chris McLaughlin tried to stoke Brendan Rodgers’ coals on the matter. When Rodgers attempted to add some humour to Levein’s latest slur on Brown, McLaughlin enquired if there might be any truth to Scott Brown getting booked deliberately.

Whether there is truth in this or not, what sort of loaded question is that to ask a manager? This could only happen in Scotland or more specifically Scotland’s sporting media.

I mean, talk about sparking a riot. As Brendan rightly said – it was disrespectful to say this of his captain.

McLaughlin should hang his head in shame. Not that he or any of his media hacks have the much respect from the Celtic community as it is.

As for Levein, the SFA should be starting disciplinary proceedings on the Gorgie gum bumper. Mind you, I won’t hold my breath for that to happen.

This matter should never have gone on, but the Hearts manager clearly has some under lying issues. I’m sure he’ll finish his managerial career the way he finished his playing career – trophyless.

Take a bow Craig. The Scottish Football Hall of Fame awaits your arrival.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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