The SFA don’t need a new Chief Executive.

Stewart Regan’s departure from the SFA this month was welcomed by many of us. As chief executive for seven-and-a-half years, he presided over some of the most turbulent times in the Scottish game, yet did nothing to resolve them.

We’ve seen the true colours of the SFA long before Regan arrived but he can count himself as one of the many who failed us. They are a scandalous organisation that do our game no favours at all.

With the hot seat vacant, as well as the Scotland managers job, there has never been a better time to evaluate and change. The entire game in Scotland stutters and trundles along, but it remains a very poor product.

In the last couple of decades we’ve seen very minor alterations. Re-branding and reshuffling, but in truth no fundamental changes.

We all thought big changes might happen round about the time Henry McLeish got involved. That amounted to nothing.

When the refereeing strike occurred it looked as though the game could implode for the better. Still, nothing changed.

When Rangers 1872 went down the tubes, Regan was at the helm and being questioned about the SFA’s handling of the matter. He, along with many others in Scottish football, deflected any blame, but we all know how culpable the SFA were in this case, proven or not proven.

With Regan gone, I believe this is the time for Scottish football’s clubs to invoke change. There will never be a better time.

We have to have change throughout the game. Scotland is a small country and will always struggle to compete with bigger nations.

Our situation is not unique though. There are plenty of other footballing countries like Scotland.

What needs to be done is for a thorough review of our strengths and weaknesses. Once identified we can apply the correct strategy which will allow us to move forward.

We’ve already suffered enough by the mishandling of our biggest sport with no thanks to the SFA. I say it is time to disband the association for good and take the game forward.

The fans and the clubs are the lifeblood. We need a better infrastructure.

Reorganisation of the leagues. Better TV deals.

Marketing football not just to the world audience, but to our own local punters. We need a vast improvement on every level.

There is no point appointing another chief executive to come in a redecorate. We’ve been doing that for decades.

It’s time over an overhaul. The clubs need to get knee-deep in this.

Hail! Hail!

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