Alarm bells? Really?

On Saturday, Brendan Rodgers suffered his second competitive domestic defeat as Celtic Head Coach. I never saw the game live and I didn’t watch the highlights either.

I made the latter decision not because I was disgusted with the result. This was more of a subconscious decision.

I actually happened to catch the only goal of the game on social media. The likelihood of my reason for not viewing the highlights is probably based on all the negative comments from fellow Celtic fans which engulfed the online community.

To be honest I was blown away by some of the garbage I was reading. You’d think the bottom had just dropped out of our world.

That someone had ripped the team from the teet of success and pulled the plug on our season. Two defeats in seventy-nine domestic games.

Two. Just two.

Now I’ll level with you here. I don’t like how things have gone this season.

Many of our players simply haven’t turned up or been close to last season’s performance levels, though a few have. A fair amount of players have also been injured throughout the season and at the same time.

There’s been very little consistency in team selections. Some of that has been Brendan’s choice, and in other cases his hand has been forced.

Right now we have a virtual starting eleven unavailable. We’ve invested in some areas and we’ve shipped out many fringe players on loan or permanently.

All of these things are not unusual in any given season. So why are Celtic not taking Scottish football by storm again this season?

Could it be they didn’t invest enough at the right time to keep things on the up? Did some players just peak last season?

Or is it simply the case that the invincibles got to some clubs and they decided to do something about it? Well, I think it’s a culmination of thos and other factors.

What I don’t think it is, is something to be overly concerned about. Celtic aren’t untouchable, but they can keep their noses in front.

To repeat last season would have been amazing. It was also going to be unlikely.

That’s not to say that Celtic can’t win the treble again. They just can’t be invincibles two seasons running now.

No matter how you measure it, Celtic have made progress this season. Injuries aside, we finally have a squad size that can be worked with.

Now it is up to the coaching team to make that work. There’s a Europa League match coming up next week.

Last season we weren’t even in Europe after Christmas. Or the season before for that matter.

Brendan is here for five years and he has a job to do. He’s only been here a season-and-a-half so far and there’s still more to come.

I don’t buy into this “he’s taken Celtic as far as they can” malarky. Anyone who says that is narrow minded.

In Brendan’s short time here he’s delivered four trophies, two Champions League group phase campaigns and now he’s in the last 32 of the Europa Legaue with a possible back-to-back treble. And even though it’s still a raw wound, the unbeaten run was quite the record to behold.

I think some Celtic fans need a reality check. The backlash from the Kilmarnock defeat was appalling and embarrassing.

Best fans in the world? Most fickle fans in the world.

You don’t get to chose how you lose. It happens, you deal with it and you move on.

I’m not suggesting you walk away happy because we’re so lucky to have Brendan Rodgers as manger and take any old defetat lying down. Do yourself a favour though and take a deep breath before venting your spleen on social media about two defeats.

There’s no excuse for Celtic losing. Just like there’s no excuse for exaggerating the circumstances at the club.

It’s becoming silly season with some of the bullshit I’ve read about Celtic by fans. You would think we’re a club in crisis.

Let’s be constrcutive in our criticism about match days. At the same time, don’t start ringing alarm bells unnecessarily.

We have a very motivated media who do that for us already. Things will come together for Celtic again and they need the fans at their back.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

9 thoughts on “Alarm bells? Really?

  1. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Fans need to have some perspective when considering their output and not embarrass the more sensible of us. The hysteria over a lost game is matched by the over-reaction when we win an important one (say we beat Zenit in the Europa tie, this does not mean that Ross County couldn’t beat us the following week). That’s football! That’s why we watch and get so much enjoyment out of our victories because we are capable of beating anyone in the world but the flip side is we will not beat everyone we should on paper. Tony

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  2. The Celtic support are not all as good as they think they are. There are plenty who moan at the slightest setback. These so called supporters can be heard whining in concert every home game. Just think how it would be for you turning up for work and the bosses gasping every time you go to do something. Imagine hearing the moans before you even complete an action.

    The players and the manager are human. They are much better at their jobs than the effing moaners in the crowd, who think they know better about all aspects of the game. Despite what many think of the GB, you NEVER hear them being negative about the team. The same cannot be said about much of the rest of the support. It is time they got behind the team fully. They are a hindrance and if they don’t like then stay away. The moaning has been worse since the glory hunters snapped up season books recently. Where were they before?

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  3. Just look at the number of games TIerney alone has played.Some people have to get real. These guys have given us more than we could have hoped for. Given a rest they will do so again. Some need to support if they want to be supporters

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  4. The defeat suffered on Saturday has meant the manager of the opposition is now being lauded as the next Scotland manager. We have the best manager in place at Celtic park for the foreseeable future and considering the defeat happened on one of the worst surfaces available in Scottish football I wouldn’t hold any fears for our future on being champions yet again. What should set alarm bells ringing is the clamour for EBT agent Smith to resurrect his position as Scotland manager a move that is being lauded in every newspaper in the country. The people involved in trying to appoint the man and the man himself have no place in Scottish football and should have banned as complicit in the biggest fraud ever to take place in football.

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  5. While I agree wholeheartedly with the gist of your comments, there are mitigating circumstances. We have not set the heather on fire this season at any point. Now there is a feeling things could get worse before they get better, our confidence is waning. I think some are behaving like bystanders just before an accident in that we don’t want to see it and steaming for people to get out of the way! We will all be back on side by the next match, but let’s hope some lessons have been learnt and nobody can say otherwise.


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