Four trophies, sixty-five domestic games unbeaten. Marvellous.

It’s a moment to behold. We should cherish it among ourselves though folks.

Don’t expect the red carpet treatment from anyone other than ourselves. It’s only a huge achievement which continues to grow after all.

It is also another step closer to greatness. This will not go down well in some places.

Speaking of going down, Scott Sinclair. I’m bringing this matter up for two reasons. 

Firstly I’m sure the SMSM will raise it themselves. Also, I was disappointed by the act myself.

Scotty hasn’t had the best of seasons so far. That’s despite scoring 11 goals in 23 games to date.

He hasn’t hit the heights of last season in terms of match performances. At Hampden on Sunday that didn’t change. 

There was one point in the match against Motherwell when he encountered Cedric Kipre. Sinclair went to ground and as he did I uttered that Thomson better hope he got this one right. 

He didn’t. He awarded Celtic a penalty. 

From the live footage I thought it was a dubious decision. The replay cemented that thought.

Kipre, who should have been red carded for a dangerous foul on Moussa Dembele earlier, made minimal hand contact with Sinclair in the box. Last season’s award winner went down easily and a penalty was awarded. 

It wasn’t a penalty. I’m not trying to be hard on Sinclair either.

I just don’t like simulation or cheating. Particularly if you’re already struggling with form as Scotty is.

Perhaps that was his motivation. Get a penalty, get himself in on the act again. 

No. Not for me. 

Celtic were already doing enough in this game to justify their lead. Sinclair’s decision only gave Motherwell, and our pitiful SMSM, cause to bemoan the eventual defeat.

Aside from that it wasn’t a bad final. Motherwell were set up well, Celtic tried to break them down.

There were a few challenges that escaped  punishment and some that didn’t when they perhaps should’ve. On the balance I have no doubts Celtic deserved the win overall.

Motherwell have done well to turn their fortunes around. They have a good formula and hopefully will continue to build upon that.

For Celtic this was a convincing win though. They weren’t troubled too much.

Once again I thought James Forrest was fantastic. He’s certainly keeping the critics quiet right now. 

Callum McGregor also turned a fine performance. A fine player.

It’s one of the best Scottish contingents I’ve seen at Celtic since the eighties. With any luck that’ll continue to grow.

For now it’s a job well done by Brendan and the Bhoys. Let’s keep the green flag flying high. 

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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