Hampden, Hibs and Hopelessness

A win would have seemed impossible and a draw unlikely. In the end it was nothing unexpected.

Celtic rocked up to the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night to take on one of Europe’s best teams. Reinvigorated by their past master, Juup Heynckes, Bayern Munich beat Celtic in convincing fashion.

It wasn’t so much a lesson, but more of a reminder to us all of the disparity in European club football. Not so many moons ago Celtic were much closer to matching Munich, but now the gulf is immeasurable.

On the night you can always hope that in an eleven versus eleven situation you have a chance. To do so you need to impose yourself physically if not skillfully.

Celtic had their moments, but we also saw some star struck players out there too. The body language was reminiscent of what we’d seen against PSG and Barcelona.

Am I being harsh on Celtic? I don’t think so.

They were up against a great team yes. This Celtic team have further to go in terms of self belief though.

On the domestic scene we’ve eclipsed everyone on and off the field. To bridge the European gap means the rest of Scottish football to get on board.

That’s an even bigger task though. There is no money in our game north of the border.

What Celtic do is self generated. We have nobody but our fans and club sponsors to thank for that.

The Celtic business model is created around the dire financial environment that Scottish football exist in. We didn’t cheat our way into this position of sustainability.

There is a glass ceiling though. Not just in Europe, but in Scotland.

Our domestic game is well behind the times. The people who make the decisions and govern the game lack foresight and ambition.

In fact so to do the people who run some of the clubs. I mean the so called big clubs.

Is this a Scottish thing? Well some folk are quite happy with things as long as their pockets are lined and they get their free lunch a de

On the one hand you have Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs all stable but lacking in going the extra yard. Then there’s Sevco and there mad men trying to run this incarnation of Rangers like the old days.

There is no money out there and nobody is willing to invest. And why would you when there is nothing to sell to prospective business men and woman?

Celtic singlehandedly contributed £4M to the Scottish game due to their personal efforts in Europe last year. It will go to the other clubs who to be quite frank have done feck all.

This money is a lifeline to some of these clubs though. Everyone knows it and yet little comes in the other direction to help Celtic.

Take today’s game at Hampden. A cup semi-final against Hibs with a 12:15pm kick-off.

The other semi is tomorrow at 2:30pm. And how many of these semi-finalists played midweek overseas?

Celtic could quite easily have been allocated the Sunday slot. That would been seen as favouritism though wouldn’t it?

Talking about biting the hand that feeds you. Then allow the SMSM to boot in afterwards.

Speaking of which, they didn’t take long to document the rubbish left by Celtic fans in Munich. Despite the local police praising the travelling supporters for their good behaviour and friendliness, the SMSM decided to focus on the kind of mess that isn’t unfamiliar at concerts, festivals oh and Orange Walks!

And don’t even get me started on the ticket fiasco for today’s Hibs match. It just isn’t funny anymore

Come on Bhoys. Let’s put this one to bed.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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