Celtic sprout some balls in Brussels 

Celtic sealed their first Champions League points with a 0-3 win in Brussels. Anderlecht hosted the Glaswegians for the first time since 2003.

Back then Aruna Dindane scored a 70th minute winner in a ten man team. Celtic should have won that night, but didn’t. 

Tonight, they made up for that with a resilient away win. The more the game went on, the better Celtic got.

One of my friends commented after the PSG match that it was hard to gauge Celtic in Europe given who we were playing. Well, Celtic put it in perspective tonight because Celtic came up against a team nearer their own level. 

PSG can outspend and outplay Celtic. Bayern Munich can do the same.

Anderlecht are similar to Celtic in that their league and income aren’t too dissimilar. Both teams needed points tonight, but only one came away with them. 

That’s a huge result for Celtic. Away goals and points are rare in the Champions League so to score three goals without reply im an away game is massive.

A double header against Bayern Munich comes next. Then PSG away and Anderlecht at home. 

Tonight was so important. What an improvement from last season. 

The Bhoys go marching on. 

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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