Make the home tie count

Tonight’s visitors to Celtic Park need no introduction. Similarly, Celtic need no reminder of the task.

Overcoming this stage of qualifying is a massive of injection of entertainment and finance for the club. It may also help one or two footballers decided where their futures lie.

Brendan Rodgers must set up for tonight to get the best possible result. As much as I think Celtic can score away goals these days, I would be over the moon if we kept a clean sheet are Celtic Park.

With the second leg away, a clean sheet is essential at home. More important is a victory. 

So ideally we’re looking for two or three goals without reply tonight. Tough ask, but not impossible. 

We’re a far more rounded team this year and with a few additions. There have been some teething issues though with form, injury and suspension.

Celtic must keep things tight and take full advantage of playing at home though. Conditions will play a factor in this match as the Glasgow summer continues to unleash rain.

Bitton or Ajer? Forrest or Hayes?

Brendan has done decisions to make. The rest of the team picks itself.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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