Bury the hatchet and get back to supporting the team

This week our focus should have been on playing Rosenborg at Celtic Park. Instead, the Celtic community has been debating about the Green Brigade.

Don’t get me wrong, this had to be discussed. There is also a need to resolve this matter and get back to focussing on supporting the team.

The Celtic support are a varied bunch and from time-to-time we disagree on certain topics. The one thing that should be remembered is that no one fan is better than the other.

The club is supported world-wide with people from all walks of life. Each supporter follows the club in their own way which is all relative to their own personal circumstances.

The Green Brigade, whilst largely occupying the standing section at Celtic Park, also travel to away games at home and abroad. So do plenty of other Celtic fans in this country and in others.

I have my own personal opinion on the events that brought about the two game closure of the standing section at Celtic Park Similarly I have my own opinion of historical infractions within the Celtic support that have led to action by the club or the football authorities.

The overall opinion of the Green Brigade is a mixed one. Some would like to see the back of them for good, some back them to the hilt whilst others want them to cut out the bollocks and consider the consequences of their actions.

We don’t need a supporter civil war right now. We need a united support for Brendan Rodgers and the players on the park.

The club have been criticised for many things over the years from board appointments to spending restrictions. Currently, we are on the crest of a wave and the team and the coaching staff need the fans to create he voice in Europe we are well-known for.

Rightly or wrongly, the club were landed in the shit and now we are without a key part of our voice for two matches. Like I said, I am not going to debate the matter on here – there are plenty of other bloggers who do a better job of it than I.

The image of the club has been marred in the last couple of weeks. I’m not going to point the finger at any one person or faction – we just need to be thinking of the bigger picture.

As I used to say in my old job: “Give them nothing and they will take nothing. Do that and you can challenge everything else.”

Let’s get back to football, looking out for one another and covering each others backs. There are other off-the-field issues which we have to ensure are addressed by Celtic and the rest of Scottish football.

This is not the time to challenge our own club or each other. There is too much at stake.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac


4 thoughts on “Bury the hatchet and get back to supporting the team

  1. There are no ifs or buts or maybe’s about this GB carry on. There is nothing to negotiate. Its not Celtic’s rules the GB have to obey here, its UEFA rules and if Celtic want to compete in THEIR tournament then we have to abide by the rules. Its so f—– simple.


  2. “No fan is better than another” hahahahaha, you must be joking mate. Don’t compare some bigoted, rat-arsed, thug who continuously puts the good name of Celtic under threat with a decent fan, young or old. NO, I’m NOT saying that that’s what the BG is. I’m saying some in the BG and some not in the BG shouldn’t be walking the streets never mind at Celtic Park. Once you face up to the fact that a small minority of our fans are absolute shitbags things might change!


    • I’d say all clubs have shitebags who call themselves fans of their particular clubs wouldn’t you. Why have a go at your own?!?!
      As for the GB, they made a judgement of error showing the banner of the IRA volunteer. They thought it was cool and it wasn’t. However just because the group is republican by nature, doesn’t make them biggotted.
      Your anger towards the GB proves you are no better!


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