Calling Scottish Supporters Groups

"Strip The Titles"

After the amazing start to our campaign to clean up our game, we have now been joined by over 6,200 fellow fans on Twitter. Thank you all.

Today we are asking Scottish supporters groups to get in touch with us via our contact form.

If this campaign is to be successful and taken seriously we need to work together with as many supporters groups, trusts and web communities as possible.

So far we have reached out to the Scottish Football monitor and had a positive reply. We have also made an approach to The Scottish Football Supporters Association and intend to speak to Paul Goodwin shortly.

We ask all Scottish supporters clubs associations to put behind any animosity that they may have had in the past and contact us so that we can work together.

It is important that we have a discussion on the best way forward for OUR…

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4 thoughts on “Calling Scottish Supporters Groups

  1. A time for Every Team in Scotland to Be ONE!!!Sevco arent implicated in the Title Stripping Its Oldco that Are….Different Turd Same Support…


  2. Aberdeen ,Celtic, Hearts,Hibs, St Johnstone, Kilmarnock and the rest of Scottish football deserve far better representation from their so called ‘governing bodies’ of SFA and spfl. To restore integrity to the Scottish game the titles and the cups need to be striped from Rangers for cheating and bringing shame on all of Scottish Football.


  3. Oldco would never have been able to attract the players they did without the extra illegal money that was paid. Therefore they gained an unfair advantage and were cheating. The titles need to be stripped and the authorities cannot be allowed to sweep this under the carpet. This is not a Celtic rangers thing. This is for the whole of Scottish football.


  4. Strip them of there titles as the new one will probably go bust mid season no more money comming in old monkyes needing paid no credit from the bank amego loans require a garintor provident won’t touch them.with a barge pole Mike Ashley’s saw the light


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