We’ll need to triumph in Trondheim

Celtic came up short against a well organised Rosenborg side last night. The absence of a recognised striker didn’t just leave the Hoops without a focal point, it left the opposition without anyone to martial.

Brendan Rodgers commented on Dembele and Griffiths being out before this game. That he was quite happy with the given situation and that people may not have noticed but Tom Rogić had played up front before and may well for this game.

Well, Rogić didn’t move into the strikers role. In fact nobody did.

Instead Celtic created an arc of midfielders with Sinclair at one end and Forrest at the other. Both players were ineffective.

I was surprised at Sinclair’s performance. Forrest’s lack of dynamic concerns me more.

At the deepest part of this midfield formation lay Armstrong and Rogić.  Again, neither were having much of an effect in front of goal.

Rogić can’t play up front. He needs a few yards to get into his stride and to have a man in front of him.

That could have been Sinclair or maybe even Aitchison or Nesbitt or Miller. Armstrong was trying to find a way through but there was no movement in front of him or anyone else in the midfield for that matter.

Ntcham was keeping things moving in front of a tireless Brown who was protecting the defence. This was probably our most efficient zone, but it didn’t last for 90 minutes.

Celtic lost ground in the second half and frustration set in. The introduction of Hayes did have an influence, but Rosenborg got braver and began to increase their hit-on-the-breaks.

We were beginning to get caught out. Rosenborg had the better chances despite Celtic’s dominance in the match.

Tierney was off his game in defence and attack. Lustig was having more joy getting forward, but he too got caught out a few times in defence.

This was nowhere near what we expect from Celtic or at home. Still it is only our third competitive match.

Rosenborg set themselves up well. A better Celtic performance can triumph in Trondheim.

I don’t think we underestimated Rosenborg. I do think Brendan going without a striker was a mistake though.

No need for a third striker? I disagree.

It’s a day off for the opposition. Nobody to drawing defenders, nobody for the opposition to mark.

Confined to potshots from attacking midfielders. We should have had one of our young lads just occupying the position.

What do I know though eh? Perhaps I’m just spoiled after an unbeaten domestic season?

I’ll finish on a positive so you don’t all think I’m a miserable got. Praise goes to our defensive diamond of Gordon, Simunovic, Ajer and Brown.

They all worked together and overcame any pressure from our toothless attack. Dare I say they kept us in the game?

Sorry, I’m being miserable again. Get the cheque book out Celtic and bring Paddy home, Brendan.

Whilst you’re at it, go get another striker. We’re going to need one.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac