Is Kenny Miller still greetin’?

I’m not talking about that perma-tanned expression he wears. Just that he’s not letting Sunday go.

I get it, he’s pissed at losing. Who wouldn’t be?

He hasn’t let go of the Simunovic tackle. Now he’s added that Broony ‘knew what he was doing ‘.

The comment relates to a tangle between the two former Hibernian players. Both are playing for the ball, but Miller claims Broony deliberately used his arm/elbow on him. 

Firstly, Brown isn’t raising his arms. Secondly, Miller is stooping into the challenge. 

Who sounds the more guilty? Or better put, who is looking to get something out of it?

I get Miller’s frustration I really do. These post match claims sound nothing other than sour grapes. 

As physical as Broony is, Miller isn’t shy of the playing the physical game either. He’s quick and aggressive, even at 37, so pot, kettle etc.

He was outraged when zero action was taken upon Celtic players. Might it just be frustration due to the fact he gave it his all whilst his team mates let them down?

I’d say so. Miller got the consolation goal because he was deteremined and driven which is more than can be said for his team mates.

Kenny Miller needs to wind his long orange neck in. His team were beaten fair and square.

Broony and Jozo have nothing to answer for. Dry your eyes.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

7 thoughts on “Is Kenny Miller still greetin’?

  1. It seemed Miller was given instructions to harrass broony,and try and get him red carded.The two faced ranker isn’t shy in his tackling either,nothing wrong with jozos tackle,in fact he deserves credit for it, hail hail.

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  2. Jozo caught the ball cleanly and Miller simply fell over him with momentum. It is CLEAR on the video of the match, from every angle and one angle in particular. For the other one, as even Mr Andrew Walker points out, Broony’s arm is straight and NOT high or being used in the tackle.This one is clear on the video as well.
    It seems the sense of entitlement is alive and well.

    Dummy teat in the post to help Miller suck for a while to get over it.

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  3. Would you listen this ejitt we didn’t Here him apologise To Armstrong after his 2 footed tackle at Celtic Pk..As for big Somo’s tackle it was clean as they come..He won the ball then Miller hit him and his momentum took him Skywards..As for the result it was awesome..Just add a couple of Real quality players then watch us have a go at Europe..We won’t win it But just make progress on what we done last season and That’ll do me..Hail Hail 🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪


  4. You beat me to it gerrybhoy67. I was just going to mention Miller’s two footed tackle on Armstrong, which WAS blatant and dangerous. What a hypocrite Miller is.
    Another point to be made about Jozo’s tackle – apart from cleanly taking the ball, one leg was under his body – it was a one footed tackle which clearly caught the ball.

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  5. Celtic will get stronger hope we get Paddy back we will be able to afford good class players.We have won the European cup and will win it again in the future,keep the faith Hail Hail great great result all you Bhoys!!!


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