Broony’s back…here come the zombies. 

I don’t know the details of what occurred during Scott Brown’s appeal hearing today. All I can assume is that those persons presenting the case would be armed to the teeth.

For many, Celtic were just exercising their right to appeal and in doing so, getting their captain off the hook for a key fixture. As today’s outcome has shown, this clearly wasn’t the case.

Brown’s challenge was judged to have been a red card offence. Up against a whole host of similar, if not worse tackles, there was a case to be heard.

Some officials have been involved with multiple incidents. That is a real concern when you consider they are being handed big matches.

Celtic are right to challenge if there is a case to answer. Not something that has been reflected by the other half of Glasgow this evening. 

CQN Magazine earlier documented the reaction to this decision. I’m not sure what I am more surprised at though to be honest.

The fact that the appeal was successful? Or the plethora of absurdities being levelled by the zombies?

I mean, some of it is quite incredible. To use phrases such as “establishment club” and “untouchable” is farcical.

They seeem to forget the recent history of Scottish football. If this mob think that by Celtic challenging an incompetent and outdated governing body and winning is bad for Scottish football then they need to think outside the box a bit more. 

Celtic never have and never will control the SFA, SPFL or the SMSM. That was your old club and look what became if them, zombies.

History has shown us how inept and unprofessional the governing bodies are. That should be a signal for all other clubs to up their game.

Together we might just be able to change our game for the better. We cannot do it alone though. 

Putting rivalry to one side, there is a severe lack of consistency in the officiating of our game. In fact it goes way beyond that, be it to the benefit of one club or just widespread incompetence. 

Are Celtic wrong to challenge this? By succeeding, does that imply the club are cheating?

No it does not. We are fighting our corner in broad daylight.

Previous Celtic regimes couldn’t break the authorities for two reasons:

  1. The club weren’t smart enough
  2. The authorities and the media were in the back pocket of our rivals.

If the zombies have an issue with either of those points, they should refer to history. Some of this has been exposed and resolved, whilst the rest remains ongoing to this day.

Celtic will continue to fight the fight. Before I sign off for today I just want to say this about Broony’s appeal. 

It ‘may’ have been a rash challenge and a red card. But so too was Andy Halliday’s on Patrick Roberts amongst many other games which were all dealt with by way of a yellow card. 

I don’t care if it’s 5 minutes in or 50 minutes into the game. We need fair play for the duration of the match. 

Officials have a tough job and that is why they need to be better. This is why Celtic are challenging the quality of the officiating because it lacks consistency, honesty and integrity. 

See you Saturday Broony.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

3 thoughts on “Broony’s back…here come the zombies. 

  1. I am amazed broony will be able to play at the weekend well done celtic for challenging and actually winning. Can’t help but wonder if the league title hadn’t been won already would it have been same outcome. Sevco fans now think that celtic the team started by irish immigrants are now the establishmental lol! Aye that’s why you can pretend to be the same team the celtic establishment must protect you.

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  2. Some of the Zombies are even advocating that a Sevco player takes a red card with 5 to go to break Broonie’s leg..Now this is disgusting to say the least..Do you no what’s rong with them tonite the don’t have anyone in power who’ll put a Celtic players registration in the bottom drawer..And by the look of things in Our Judicial Building this could all go tits up for them as well..They’re a disgusting venomous lot they really are..A Hun on R/Clyde Superscoreboard tonite demanded to no who was on the panel who made this decision..No it wasn’t Sally who asked this Question..They’re a vile lot and I hope I’m still around when there not..Hail Hail 🇮🇪🍀🍀🇮🇪


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