Is it possible the Scottish Football Association’s referees could be any more incompetent? Today’s red card and penalty decisions by Don Robertson are another shambolic display of officiating in the Scottish Premiership that has gone against Celtic.

This has been going on too long. The matter needs to be addressed.

Honest mistakes don’t happen that often. If they do, then lessons are not being learned or there is an agenda.

Don Roberston, today’s match official in Dingwall, sent off Scott Brown for a challenge which warranted action. This was not a red card though. 

By comparison, the same referee gave a card for a near career-ending challenge on Kieran Tierney a matter of weeks ago against Motherwell. That was a stonewall red card, but Ryan Bowman walked away with a gift-wrapped yellow card.

Incidentally, this barely appeared in any ‘neutral’ post match analysis. I won’t be surprised if the media play this one down either.

It seems as though everything will be done to ensure Celtic are pegged back before the current season ends. Almost to the point where the ranks are depleted for the matches against Sevco, the treble never happens and Celtic fail to go the entire season undefeated.

This would be bad for the SFA apparently. Unthinkable as Celtic march towards 10-in-a-row. 

Ladies and gentleman of the wider world, this is how Scottish football operates. Why do I know this?

Well that’s quite simple. It has always happened.

When Celtic couldn’t compete financially with what came to be known as a cheating Rangers Football Club, they were pinned down. Not just by the alleged financial superiorty across the city or the media, but by the SFA themselves and some (wait for it) horrendous decisions in derby matches by match officials . 

Nowadays that has spread to any team Celtic play. Mainly because the rest of Scottish football can barely compete so other methods are utilised.

One thing should be clear though. The establishment are desperate to have Sevco at the top.

When Oldco collapsed and died, everything was done to get Newco in at the top. Only club and fan power put a stop to that.

Since then the leagues have been restructured, renamed and now they have their new establishment club where the eagles fly. Now all they need are some trophies and some good old bigoted get togethers. 

Am I paranoid? Do I think its a conspiracy?

No, this is happening before our very eyes. I’m just tired of the same excuses and no action. 

It’s over to you Celtic. Act now or lie down to these bastards forever.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

*thanks to Glasgow Celtic Supporters Facebook page for the picture. 

6 thoughts on “Disgraceful…

  1. I just wish celtic fans would boycott hampden because why buy a ticket to watch honest mistakes every big game celtic play in thats the worse. i thought the 6 officials at hampden mr McClean Co was worse but today was worse than worser so hopefully all celtic fans can get together and get this corrupt sfa out now our or football will go no were barr cheat celtic just to help the handshakers at ibrox

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  2. It is not just up to Celtic. It is up to everyone in football. Celtic cannot do this on their own and would simply be the subject of attack from others. We also need TV video evidence at games at times when the game has been stopped.
    The SFA are utterly compliant because they are totally corrupt (demonstrated on many occasions over many years) and they are part of an Establishment, which seeks to help one club only.
    The referee today has made 3 very curious and blatantly incorrect decisions as shown in the pictures above.
    Mr Brown’s red card today was also incorrect and his tackle deserved punishment with a yellow card, not a red card. I watched this game and started counting the bad tackles on Brown early on, as I began to notice them. His tackle was no worse than any of the others on him. These decisions have ALL been captured on video. There seems to be a clear agenda.
    Hat off to Michael Stewart today who spoke very sensibly after the game in the face of the utterly illogical and futile comments from Thomson and Bonner, which we have come to expect. They agreed about the non-penalty, but both were quick to condemn Brown. In my opinion, Bonner is weak and does not want to rock the lucrative boat.
    I heard the Ross County manager agree that it was NOT a penalty. However, he then went on to say that they get decisions against them as well. What the hell has that got to do with this game!!! Two wrongs do NOT make a right and there is nothing this season which compares with todays ‘honest’ mistakes. You CANNOT logically argue that it is OK to give a bad decision which goes for you, just because you have poor decisions against you on previous occasions. Each game stands on its own merit, as do the officials in each game. We have extremely poor officials in Scotland. I remember the referee’s strike years ago when foreign referees were brought it. The standard of refereeing was vastly improved for those games. I pay to see games hoping that they are refereed honestly, objectively and competently. Sometimes I am rewarded, but more often than not I am disappointed. I don’t want amateurism! You cannot award a penalty unless you are absolutely sure it is a penalty and it was so obviously not a penalty that I cannot see how the referee or nearest lineman and 4th official could not see it.
    I was also enraged at poor decisions against Patrick Thistle recently when I went to see them.
    It is time for TV and technology at games. This game was already stopped as the penalty decision had been made. Had we had access to playback (as in American Football), then this penalty decision could have been corrected at source. The reason why TV evidence will NOT be used in future is that the SFA and some of its referees will have lost the ability to encourage such poor decisions and get away with them. It is also because Scottish referees seems to be unable to accept that they can be questioned on their decision. For many of them, their arrogance shows in the games they are supposed to be in control of.

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    • Remember cup final when Thatcher was presening cup .Anyone waving red card would be escorted from ground . Yes all fans get together and show the cheats RED CARD starting with SFA


  3. Being 63 years of age,as you say, nothing new.Davidson,JPR Gordon,D Syme,R Tait,to name but a few of my generation,ie 60’s -70’s.30/40 years later……. same scenario,same agenda.Referees, when they are in charge of a Celtic game, know that no matter what decisions they make,they will NEVER be brought to task by the SFA.!! Ergo,they have “cart blanch” to decide the result.Do you think the today’s referee will be(a)demoted (b)asked to explain his astonishing decision(c)apologise to our manager and our fans,for such an atrocious decision,or,as per usual(for at least 50 years)will get a cup final as a reward??


  4. I agree with everything said in the last two statements. Heard with my own ears that Celtic have NO CHANCE of winning their game against rangers, from the ref who was picked to officiate the game, while I was going through referee school. This has been going on for years, its time someone to do something, but I know this will NEVER happen. Oh!! And they call us paranoid.


  5. It is ridiculous that celtic have to beat the team they are playing plus the masonic orange refs ..I agree totally with each statement I have just read ..if we have to beat rangers in the cup semi final we have to make sure we score a handful of goals because the officials will do everything in there power to stop is getting the treble ..what do we have to do for this to be noticed bye fifa a fucking joke if you ask me ..I hope and pray we get the treble and go through the season unbeaten if we score 5 against the huns we might get through because there is no chance newco could match that come on the hoops finish the season with a goals blitz HH


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