Mark McGhee – the new greetin’ faced sore loser of Scottish football

I’ve never had any negative feeling towards Mark McGhee. An ex-Celt who was present for the centenary season amongst others.
In the football managerial world he’s been up and down the country. He returned for a second spell at Motherwell last year and made an immediate impact.

In two key encounters with Celtic, one in April against Ronny Deila and the other yesterday against Brendan Rodgers, he has spat the dummy out post match. Jim Jeffries and Billy Brown eat your heart out.

The source of this disagreement is likely to have begun in the Celtic pre-match warm up which McGhee intruded upon. That matter has obviously simmered until the final whistle where the losers of the match have got their comeuppance and reacted.

This is a storm in a teacup at best. The fact that McGhee was at the centre of another post match disagreement in the face of another Celtic defeat just goes to show how bad a loser he is.

It’s a shame because this was one helluva game. Motherwell set out their stall correctly and got three goals off the Champions – the only domestic side to do so this season. 

Instead of raising a clenched fist and tossing his toys out of the pram, McGhee should have focussed on congratulating his players for a fine display. His misplaced reactions are probably why he hasn’t achieved more in management .

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

2 thoughts on “Mark McGhee – the new greetin’ faced sore loser of Scottish football

  1. I think McGhee McInnes an Warbiola shoul bring out a Chrstmas Greetings album, since they are all as greetin faced as each other.

    Whingers and bleaters to a man.

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