Celtic impress as City’s winning streak ends

Before this game had even kicked off, the odds of success were stacked against the Scottish Champions. The stories weren’t so much will the English Premier League side win – more of by how many?

As it was, Celtic took the lead on three occasions. Manchester City equalised each time as well.

I wouldn’t say  game wasn’t thrown away though. City dominanted the stats but Celtic weren’t too wasteful or do much wrong in this match.

In fact the truth is Celtic were magnificent. Not one player shirked their duties or hid.

If even a shred of this positivity had been seen in Barcelona I’m fairly certain the goal tally would have been less. When you think you’re outgunned before kick off you might as well have a go anyway.

Celtic had nothing to lose by going at Manchester City. They went at them from the first whistle and at full speed.

I’m not going to single out one player because this was a solid team effort.  The Bhoys got a very, very good result against a side who are valued at about £400M more than them.

And that’s the beauty of it. Less expensive players working as a unit.

Before this match City had won every competitive match of the season. They’d scored 30 goals in 10 games conceding only 6 in return.

Not only do they have an impressive goal difference. They’ve never lost more than 1 goal to an opponent…..that is until they came to Celtic Park.

Brendan Rodgers must be a proud man right now. He has injected belief into this team and the supporters.

There’s nothing quite like going up against and English club bursting with multimillion pound signings and getting a result. The first point and first goals in Group C for the Hoops.

I said before the match that even if we got beat, I would be happy so long as Celtic played well. They did just that and more.

On Saturday there is the more sedate atmosphere of Dens Park as Celtic face Dundee in the Scottish Premiership. After such an intense match as the Manchester City game, I’m sure Brendan Rodgers will look to freshen things up.

Many of the players were dead on their feet on Wednesday night. They never gave up though.

Things just keep on improving for Brendan Rodgers. It’s a good time to be a Celtic supporter.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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