Striiiiiike one!

Being right isn’t necessarily a good thing. It can be good or bad and with varying degrees of consequence into the bargain.

However, Efe Ambrose is a player that 99% of the time you are going to make the correct call on. Last night in Gibraltar he was the let down many of us feared but had hoped wouldn’t be.

For all his calamitous efforts, this one wasn’t the worst but it certainly goes into the hall of fame entitled “Efe’s ‘F’ Ups“. He is a catastrophe in a jersey and now under his third Celtic manager, we are still watching him playing a role in vital games.

I read a great many comments on social media and a variety of post-match reports last night. Most of the flak was directed at Efe and his blunder but Bitton and Brown came in for their usual bashing.

What Celtic fans shouldn’t overlook though is that this was a poor performance by the entire team. Even the good players like Tierney, Rogic and Griffiths were garbage.

The surface played a huge part in this but we knew about this days in advance. With that in mind we should have had a plan to adapt to the conditions.

Those of us who have played football at any level will know all too well about turning up for a game and not knowing what the surface is like. Grass, ash, artificial surface…you just got on with it.

Brendan Rodgers has experienced a bad start, but the real deal will be at Celtic Park next Wednesday. If Celtic can’t beat this team convincingly on their own green, green grass then we have a problem.

I can understand the reluctance to dive into the player market when we have a massive squad. However, central defence was an issue with two out injured and thread bare options.

Relying on Efe Ambrose was Brendan’s first mistake. At the very least he should have played O’Connell or McCart.

Young they may be, but incompetent they are not. That wouldn’t alter the fact that we were poor in Gibraltar though.

Brendan played down the result and credited Lincoln Red Imps with their win. We’ll know over the course of the summer if our concerns will be laid to rest or if we are making progress.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

2 thoughts on “Striiiiiike one!

  1. The whole team were garbage, BUT, tierney, rogic and Griffiths are consistent performers, so can be cut some slack. The same way efe is a consistent liability, and can no longer be cut any slack.
    I’ve been a fan of brown for his entire Celtic career, but after last season, and now last night, something isnt right. His role in the squad needs questioned. Bitton offered something, but lately all he’s done is slow down attacks, misplace passes and bottle tackles. I would take ANY offer we get for him.
    Forrest thinks he’s worth more than he is, and tried to hold re club to ransom. He should be told he is no longer required, and the offer is withdrawn.
    Mulgrew should have been given a contract. That was more important than tierney, who had time left.
    Why is Scott Allan still not getting a game?
    Why was Roberts left out?
    Why was the first signing not a centre half? Either on a permanent or loan basis?
    Others will no doubt criticise me, as Celtic fans don’t like criticism from within, but I saw as much from imps to suggest they can get past us, as I did from Celtic, to say we can overturn this.
    If we don’t get an early goal, or within the first 30, the fans will get anxious and start to moan (myself included), and the players will get nervous.


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