Dembélé signing marks a new era for Celtic

It was suggested by Brendan Rodgers that he would not draft in a whole new batch of players to Celtic. And he’s right because there is no need.

The current squad is huge and there are already sufficient numbers to work with. Performance levels have not been the best in the last few seasons but there is plenty of room for improvement and that is where Rodgers’ work will begin.

Under Ronny Deila, the attitude of some players was largely negative. He managed to motivate some whilst others drifted way out of the picture.

That wasn’t healthy and it is obvious he didn’t have everyone in his corner. Although that was a theory that was never publicly proven, there were clearly divisions within the squad.

Ronny didn’t gain the respect of some and he dealt with it the only way he knew. He didn’t possess the character or that big club mentality to deal with certain matters.

At the end of the day he was a coach and probably a really good one. As for management, the Celtic job was too great for him.

Under Brendan Rodgers we will see something different. Not just because he is the new guy, but because he has admirers in the game already and has worked with large egos.

Brendan has now made his first signing and it will be one which defines him at Celtic. Moussa Dembélé has joined the ranks and despite being just 19 years old, he is already making a name for himself.

His goal tally brought the attention of many but Celtic moved quickly and will offer a fresh perspective to the Celtic attack. Up until now we have relied heavily on Leigh Griffiths and he has not let us down.

All those other pretenders that arrived with the promise of goals handed now departed. Cole, Kazim-Richards and now Scepovic. 

It remains to be seen whether Ciftci also faces the axe. I’m of the opinion that he’ll be given a second chance and if no improvement is seen before Christmas he’ll be off to.

In the meantime, Brendan has his first signing and it looks like a good one. One, possibly two more are certain to follow.
This existing squad of players can do so much better than we have seen the last two or three years. You don’t suddenly become a bad player when there is enough historical evidence to show you are anything but that.

There are a few left in the squad who either won’t fit the bill in my opinion or have this season to prove their worth. Not just to Brendan Rodgers, but to the Celtic supporters as well.

I’ve already been through the entire squad with a fine tooth comb in a previous article. No need to redo that.

There is one player who should definitely leave this summer because he is simply not good enough. There are also four or five who have yet to convince me they are worthy to wear the Hoops at all.

Under Rodgers, they will get another chance but if they don’t shape up they must be shipped out promtly. There are plenty of candidates in this squad and in the development side desperate for a chance.

Things are coming together and preseason is already under way. The squad are over in Slovenia and take on NK Celje in their first summer friendly.

It might be a preseason match but I’m already excited at seeing Brendan’s first game in charge. Let’s hit the ground running.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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