Which players should make way at Celtic Park this summer?

Given the swollen numbers in Celtic’s first team as well as those wishing to make an impact, who should stay and who should go this summer?

Time for out of contract players to stay out of contract? Cash in on those in their final year?

Or do some a deserve another go? Let me know what you think?


Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “Which players should make way at Celtic Park this summer?

  1. Kris Commons is the only one you’ve missed out, and he would be the first on my list. I hope there’s no collusion going on! Some of the things I’ve heard about him are a disgrace, – he certainly made Ronny’s job more difficult. Troublemakers are like a cancer at a club because they effect the whole atmosphere, which even trickles down to the youth players. commons has a level, – he’s been out of contract twice and the only interested clubs were us and a couple of clubs in the Championship, even that was when he came to Celtic(when he was around 27) – Brendan also plays the pressing game, I don’t think he would treat him the same as he treated Deila, purely because he had to work a bit harder. There’s a few imposters at the club, I want them all out the door!


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