Shades of the recent past

Next season the Scottish Premiership welcomes a new club to the top flight. The tribute act by the name of The Rangers will take up one of the twelve positions in the Scottish top flight for the first time in their short history.

We widely acknowledge that they wish to be known as the Rangers that liquidated in 2012. However, we simply won’t allow it.

Even though the SPFL and the SFA attirbute all of the liquidated club’s honours to the club that took their place within Scottish football, many will contest this forever. It may well be futile, particularly given the support they are given within Scotland by the football authorities and the media.

Recent stories across the web have emerged that the Scottish media won’t go near any story regarding The Rangers these days. To be honest, we probably didn’t need to be told that, we already had that idea even though it is regularly dimissed as ‘paranoia’.

This does not bode well for next season. Because already, The Rangers have all the backing they desire from the media and the football authorities so that they can get on with trying to survive.

Does this sound familiar? A helping hand to stay in the top flight?

I’ve never had any doubts about how badly Scottish football and it’s authorities have damaged the game. Even after all that has happened in recent years, tax cases, EBT’s, refereeing scandals, peoples lives threatened, the demise of one club…we are still in the same rut.

I’m sorry to say it but The Rangers entering the Scottish Premiership is a bag of trouble already. It looks as though they’ve secured everything the liquidated club had.

Not just the facilities and the honours. The media and the authorities.

I fear for Scottish football. Dark days are looming.

If you cannot rely on the Scottish media to report the issues that plague the game and you cannot trust the authorties to run the game in a fair and transparent manner what is going to happen? I dread to think, I really do.

Celtic might be searching for their new manager, but they best keep and eye on matters within the Scottish game. I suggest the rest of Scotland’s football clubs do the same because you can already see the landscape changing and not for the better.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “Shades of the recent past

  1. This Saga has lasted longer than the Forsyth Saga only they keep trying to sweep it under the Hampden carpet, about time we heard from other Scottish Fan base on there thought`s

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  2. The reason the honours are attributed to the club is a simple one. It’s the same club. And this “The Rangers” you attach so much significance do realise the name of the club never changed? It was The Rangers Football Club then and it’s The Rangers Football Club now…your on a non starter with that one. All of this was fully explained 4 years ago by the SFA if you had bothered to read it properly and not through bitter ridden eyes. You are right on one respect’s futile. Because fans of other clubs do not make the rules. I know Rangers fans who insist the current Celtic have never won the EC after the newco set up by McCann replaced the previous company. However the football authorities say they have. And it is they who matter. The SPFL website states Rangers were founded in 1872 and have a world record honours list. The SFA and UEFA say likewise. Sky just the other day tweeted Celtic’s title win leaves them seven titles behind Rangers. So supporters of rival or smaller clubs can say what they matters not a jot. Rangers are being treated no differently to Leeds (no cva) Middlesbrough or Coventry..and why should they not be. One final point,and it’s yet another mistake you constantly make. NOTHING has thus far been liquidated. And it may never be particularly if Rangers win the BTC. And in any case you can’t liquidate a club,a club is dissolved. Look up Airdionians and Gretna and you’ll see a word never associated with Rangers. Dissolved. I can’t imagine how it must feel for Celtic fans these days,ebt’s,resolution 12’s,five way agreements,your driving yourselves potty. And to top it all your worst nightmare became reality,you lost to Rangers and now the Gers will probably be back in Europe as well as being back in the top league. If I was driven to this much distraction I’d follow another sport. Let it go bhoys.


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